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Diet Consultation

If you are ready for a diet that works, look no further. Or, perhaps you suspect having a food sensitivity. With a personalized healing diet, you can enjoy fully satisfying meals and reach your health and weight goals. You will track your progress with several powerful tools. This direct feedback enables you to experientially know, within your core, when and why your diet works for you. Helping people realize their own healing diet is what Rebecca Wood has been doing for over 40 years. It will be her… Continue Reading


Here are natural remedies to help you glide through menopause. The strategies I discuss below can help shift uncomfortable hot flashes toward mild and enjoyable ripples of energy. As a woman’s ovaries retire from active production around the age of 50, her body’s hormone production adjusts. Just as puberty signaled an increase in estrogen hormones, menopause signals a decrease. There may be discomforts associated with the changes in your body during this time. However, it’s also an opportunity to discover and claim the power of the second half… Continue Reading

Pinworms, Parasites and Viruses in Children and Adults

If you’ve an acute disease like the common cold or a chronic health problem, the odds are that you’ve got parasites such as pinworms, tapeworms, flukes, roundworms or intestinal parasites. Parasites include the even more primitive life forms—bacteria, fungi, virus and yeast. You can get rid of pinworms and their cronies and you can also deflect bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses; yes, even virulent viruses like Ebola. (See my ebook Bugs Eating You? ($9.95) Intestinal parasites create problems. One is who they eat; another is what they excrete. You absorb… Continue Reading

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