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New Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Soups and Stews, by Rebecca Wood and Leda Scheintaub

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The food reference includes the healing properties of foods; in continuous print since 1983.

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A do it yourself Face Reading book.
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An allergen-free, healthy eating program.
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Identify and remedy problems caused by bacteria, fungi, intestinal parasites and viruses.
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Robust recipes for grains with vegetables, fish, poultry, meat & fruit.
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 A Personal Note

I come from a lineage of cooks. And for 40-plus years I’ve been at the forefront of teaching, consulting and writing about healing with and delighting in our daily foods. Indeed, nurturing is embedded in my heart’s core.

Soon after college in 1969, I relocated to Boston and the residential school of macrobiotic teachers Aveline and Michio Kushi. We learned how to prepare foods to maximize their flavor and medicinal properties. We also studied how diet affects our physical, emotional and mental health. It was a fascinating education.

To further explore the correlation between diet and health, in 1973 I studied at the College of Chinese Acupuncture in Kenilworth, England.

Earlier it was my farming grandparents who imbedded in me a respect for our daily foods. I’ve delighted in walking fields with farmers on several continents and talking crop. I’ve helped bring in the harvest with cottage-crafted food producers ranging from seaweed to experimental grain varieties.

As the first writer in this country to “discover” quinoa, I then wrote the first book on the subject, Quinoa the Supergrain.

My book The Splendid Grain won both a James Beard Award and a Julia Child/IACP Award. My most recently revised book, The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia, has been in continuous print for over 30 years.

My studies of traditional food-ways and Five-Element Chinese Medicine have formed my understanding of healing with food. Reinforcing this are my dietary counseling practice and being a mother and grandmother.  I currently live in Williams, Oregon.

May the information on these pages serve you well and may all be well nourished.

12 comments to Bio

  • Cherie

    Rebecca, do you have any thoughts about food for people living without a large intestine? I’ve found diet can be very tricky to figure out.
    Been on my journey to heal and maintain health for over 30 years now and have tried it all! Guess that’s where personalized face reading could help…everyone.

    • Cherie, And you appear to have weathered your condition with dignity.

      The central part of your lower lip (not the border), your top lip and the skin around your mouth will give you important dietary information and help you tweak your diet accordingly. It would be my pleasure to assist you with this.

  • Sharmeen


    Is it possible to meet or have a one on one consultation with Rebecca. I live in Vancouver B.C. And oregan is not too far from here. Also does Robecce deals with uterine fibroids and polyp heavy bleeding etc.

    Thank you kindly,

    • Yes, I offer consultations as a written report that includes your annotated photo. This enables you to then track your own healing process. Yes, you’ll be able to track the shrinking of your fibroids on your facial features! It’s fascinating and empowering.

  • Kery

    Dear Rebecca! It’s cool how things work, I bought in the year 1988 The Whole Foods Encyclopedia. It has been at my side ever since. In my experience it is the easiest reference book about whole foods ever! Anyway this evening as I once again was reading a description about beets, I decided to look for a revised edition. To my delight I found your web page and immediately clicked on your Bio! How incredibly fortunate and grateful I felt when I learned there is a revised book. As soon as I finish this note, I will order one. I absolutely love it, thank you and May God Bless you in wholeness, :) always! Adoringly and Respectfully, Kery

  • Denise


    I have the deepest respect for you and your work. I do similar work as a chef and dietary consultant. I aspire to be you.

    When I was working with UCSD’s Dept of Integrative Medicine there was the main research doctor who believed wholeheartedly in macrobiotics. He told a story of a turnip being cut into a particular shape for their healing virtues. What is your take on that? Also what is your understanding Of excema?

    Thank you with all my heart for taking the time to answer.

    Sincerely yours, Denise Girard

    • Denise,
      Thank you for your kind note.
      Yes, the shape you cut a food impacts how the heat and seasonings penetrate it; this can subtly effect the flavor and “energetic properties”‘ of a veggie.

      When the colon and lungs are fully eliminating bio-toxins, the skin is clear. When skin and colon are overloaded, toxins get pushed out thru the skin according to Classical Chinese Medicine.

  • Michael Arnold


    My father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 1981 or 1982, don’t remember which, and given six months to live. He went Macrobiotic and is now 84 years old. I remember Michio and Aveline well. They visited our house in SC many times and my father founded the Macrobiotic Center of SC. His name is Norman Arnold (Columbia, SC) in case you know of him.
    In December I was diagnosed with celiac disease and began eliminating gluten from my diet. I believe that I may have additional sensitivities to other foods and am interested in your 21-day cleanse.
    I felt an instant connection with you when I saw the Kushi’s name and thought I would send a message.
    Michael Arnold

    • Hi Michael, Sorry to hear about your celiac and I’d be delighted work with you. To get started, visit my Face Reading Consultation page. No, I don’t recall having met your father; what an inspiring story he has!

  • danna blount

    Hello Rebecca, I hosted a cooking work whop for you in Crestone, Co. in 1997. What fun that was. I was on line looking for your grain cook book to order and hours later find you have not changed at all. Wow you are living the experiment. I laughed when I saw the Mn. wild rice. I still remember how good it tasted. Steve and I have lived in Costa Rica and now New York since we saw you last. We are well nourished and enjoying the Quinoa breakfasts. Thank you for your recipes. Happy day, Danna

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