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Read Your Face: Build Your Energy, Beauty and Health with Chinese Face Reading and 5 Element Diet Guide

May18,2014CoverRead Your Face: Build Your Energy, Beauty and Health with Chinese Face Reading and 5 Element Diet Guide by Rebecca Wood. 127 page eBook, 76 photographs, Illustrations, Charts. $14.95.

The face is like a canvas. On it all the complex systems of the body make their mark. The Chinese Art of face reading, or facial diagnosis as it’s also known, is a method of analyzing the appearance of the face to reveal the condition of our bodily organs.

In Read Your Face you’ll clearly see how your diet and lifestyle impact your appearance and health. It lets you connect the dots: identify problems, make adjustments and your face will radiates your well-being. Read how Rebecca learned Facial Diagnosis.

Read Your Face will be immediately emailed to you for printing and/or reading electronically. $14.95.

This holistic and natural Five Element approach enables you to balance your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Whoever thought that simply looking in the mirror could be a window into a healthier life!

Exercpt from Read Your Face

Lip Color Lips with a uniform pink color reflect a healthy, well-functioning digestive system. While lips that are pale, whitish or even bluish in color may indicate anemia, a circulation problem or a “cold” or deficiency condition as we see in the following photos:

45. These lips vary significantly in both size and color indicating digestive problems. Zoom in on the middle of the deeply cracked lower lower lip; its raw-looking spot suggests localized inflammation of the small intestine. Note also the fuzzy border of the upper lip.

4646. The cold-looking purplish upper lip of this client represents “frozen” digestive energy. Her symptoms included bloating, weak immunity and being “tired to the bone.”

47. Here’s another example of a diet that had, for this woman’s condition, too many salads, packaged snack foods, raw fruits and juices and chilled beverages. The result an upper lip that looks frostbitten. Also note the very rim of her upper lip is darker than the lip itself; an indicator of adrenal exhaustion.


Bilgehan.May 74 & 75.  Bill said “Enough!” to the meds that didn’t resolve his chronic eczema and instead changed his diet. Compare just his lips in the before and 30-days after photos as a measure of his regained digestive health. As Bill’s new diet is easy to assimilate, toxins are no longer sloughed off through his skin as eczema. A host of other nagging problems are also receding and he is delighting with renewed energy and wellbeing.

Upon purchase, Read Your Face will promptly be emailed to you for printing and/or reading electronically. $14.95.

Testimonials from Readers

The most unexpected benefit is how QUICKLY it began to work—within three days I felt so much better and started to enjoy my meals the way I used to as a child. The biggest change in my face is in my lips—they have COLOR! Who needs lipstick? Tatjana, Colorado

One of the important things I learned from you is to pay attention to what my body is saying. For example, I hadn’t connected waking up with puffy eyes and not having an appetite with my digestion. It’s just the way I’ve always been. Now, I see that it’s my body trying to tell me something and I know how to proceed! Lisa, California

I cut out dairy, and then I put it back in to see if there would be a difference in my face and sinus congestion. You’re right, you saw it in my face and it’s drastic! I’m allergic to dairy.
 Sarah, NH

I used to wake up with intense pain in my stomach. Now, that pain is gone—unless I go off the diet, in which case there I am again, waking up in the middle of the night and like clockwork, once again, the skin above my lip gets all red and chapped. Janet, Wales

As you suggested, the rosacea-like little red dots under my right eye get worse when I eat wheat. So I do my best to go without it and it’s really hard. But I’m working at it.
 Alice, AR

I believe that your analysis of my health from looking at my face was correct and I have taken several corrective steps based on it. I am feeling better, seeing changes and I thank you for your assistance.
 Richard, NM

33 comments to Read Your Face: Build Your Energy, Beauty and Health with Chinese Face Reading and 5 Element Diet Guide

  • Sylvia

    Are you familiar with possible causes of a Fissured tongue?

    • Cracks in the tongue represent, according to Traditional Chinese Tongue Diagnosis, represent yin deficiency and can be corrected by modifying the diet and lifestyle. If it is in the center of the tongue, it correlates to digestion.

  • Ann

    Hello Rebecca,
    I love this book, yet I like real books (as opposed to e books) when it comes to books that are more like references. Is there any chance this book can be purchased in a real book format?


  • Michaela


    Above my upper lip it has gone a whiter shade with bluish tinge, and my lower lip has developed yellowing underneath plus a slight blue line on bottom of lower lip near corners. They are feeling really dry and Im very thirsty. Im not sure if its all connected???
    But im a little concerned.

  • Hello!
    Lovely to have found your site; I just bought this book.
    Been on a journey of health; kefir helped me a lot and great to see your post on it… I put up a website on Kefir after I recovered(noted here)!
    Anyway, I recently started working out and consuming a lot of protein, with supplements; what various crises, I went from super healthy health nut in perfect shape to struggling and looking for solutions. A lot has improved, thank you God!
    Last night I prayed for answers to my health issues (had almost given up on the skin / teeth / hair, body heating up etc issues then decided that God is limitless in bounty and mercy). Well, saw your page this morning, and my gut says get it!
    The kefir and whole foods posts helped too.. I’ve read a bit about face reading before (personality wise) and found it fascinating.
    Anyway, very pleased to find you, and hope to get more of your books.
    In the meantime, off to read the one I just bought!

    Have a lovely day.

    • Hi.. skimmed the whole book yesterday. Now reading in detail.. I seem to have kidney issues: enormously long thick hair that’s dwindling. Dad and older brother had kidney issues. Recently had a sudden red breakout all around the mouth; after a few weeks of upping my animal protein intake (weight training).
      Never had breakouts before. Dark skin under eyes. Have recovered from a real low using many remedies. Teeth deteriorated greatly during a recent crisis. We did bone broth regularly for a while; restarting that habit. Anyway, what would you say is related to teeth deterioration / hair loss ? Doing my facereading.. a lot of info in that book, piecing it together for my own symptoms.

  • Wilfred

    Hi, I am an african male 28 years old. my lower lip has discoloration (reddish). how can I regain my normal skin colour?

    • The lips reflect the condition of the GI tract. By making appropriate dietary upgrades (as outlined in this book or as I’d provide in a Face Reading Report) you can regain normal lip color and tone.

  • An pham

    I have red/pink skin above my lip all the way to my nose. Before it was eczema and it healed. Now it’s pink skin that won’t go away.

  • Rebecca

    With the face reading do you have a definitive cause for melasma? I developed it even before i got pregnant but now it’s darker.

    • I’m not a doctor and don’t offer definitive causes. However, from looking at your photo, health history and diet log I discern how you can modify your diet to enable your body and skin to self correct.

  • Ricardo Holder

    Interested in purchasing your printed copy of “read your face”. Do you ship to Barbados?

  • Nebraska

    Hi Rebecca,
    I have a sort of ‘shadow’ above my upper lip which I have been told is melasma, possibly from use of the contraceptive pill (although the discoloration showed up years after ceasing taking the pill). On reading your book and the post above though,I wonder if it could be a sign of toxicity. Are the two related? How do you differentiate? I am talking about a thinnish gray/dark straight line ‘mustache’. The pores on that area also seem to have changed (smaller, shallower?)

  • Kathleen

    This page shows two prices for your ebook. !$.95 below the picture and 19.95 in the text. Which is correct? Also , how do you access the twenty minute exerpt, I can’t see a link.
    Thanks, Kathleen

  • Joanne

    Hi ,may I know in yr book do u advise wat type of diet to eat for those who had digestive issues ?

    Else we had no ideas how to rectify it :)

    • By all means; that’s the point of it. With the book, you identify your facial indicators and then follow the guidelines to modifiy your diet accordingly.

  • Teo

    Is there any other way to pay for the face reading consultation other than paypal? I’m experiencing technical issues.

  • Gillian Taylor

    Hello I’ve just purchased your Read Your Face book, however, I notice it’s a print version rather than the book. I don’t have a printer nor a Kindle and would prefer a book. Do you have this in book format?

    Regards Gillian

    • Regrets but it’s only available as an ebook. Consider sending the link to a local print place. A bound, black and white printed version is around $15. Most of the subtle features in the photos show nicely in black and white. Save the link on your computer to also view it there to see color variations.

  • […] in our body is the most overlooked yet simple way to influence our health. In my book, Read Your Face, I show how to identify obvious clues about diet and health – things you can easily change for […]

  • Tabitha Teeter

    Have you looked at or I’m not sure if a customer can get your book printed with them or if its only for you to sell a hard copy. The Book Patcj supposedly has a no-fee bookstore you could link to.

  • Me

    Do you deal with acne in certain areas as well? Your book sounds like just what I was looking for. I’m having a problem with hairline acne that I thought was related to an egg allergy, but I haven’t eaten anything with eggs in it recently and the hairline acne is back.

    • Yes, as you’ll discover in Read Your Face, acne is a red flag that the colon/lung system (and secondarily the liver system) need support. To determine if you’ve other food sensitivities, see my eBook Clean and Free.

  • Rebecca, Is it (or will it be) possible to get The Sage and The Cook in print copy vs. Kindle? I am not interested in Kindle. Thanks for your inspiring work.

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