Read Your Face: Build Your Energy, Beauty and Health with Chinese Face Reading and 5 Element Diet Guide

May18,2014Cover 127-page eBook, 76 photographs, Illustrations, Charts.

Who would have thought that the mirror could be your window into a healthier, happier life!

The face is a canvas where all the systems of the body make their mark–from the inside out. Over centuries, the Chinese developed the art of face reading; of seeing connections between facial features and our internal functions. Using your facial indicators as guidelines to adjust your diet and lifestyle, you can regain your energy, health and innate beauty. You will feel the difference —and your friends will see the difference.  

The unique advantage of face reading for health is that you yourself can track the effects of changes you make. No need to wonder whether this or that food is “good” for you or what’s going on internally; you will learn to see for yourself. And this guides you to realize your health goals.

Read Your Face is a unique book by a uniquely qualified authorRebecca has been reading faces for more than 40 years; she has been studying diet and its impact on health for longer than that. In this book she shares what she has learned in terms that you can use to diagnose your own health issues and then restore harmony throughout your body.  Read Your Face will sharpen your awareness and deepen your understanding of how your body works. You need to know what is good for YOU. Your mirror will become your best friend as you learn how to interpret what your internal organs are telling you in the lines and colors of your complexion.

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Exercpt from Read Your Face

Lip Color Lips with a uniform pink color reflect a healthy, well-functioning digestive system. While lips that are pale, whitish or even bluish in color may indicate anemia, a circulation problem or a “cold” or deficiency condition as we see in the following photos:
4545. These lips vary significantly in both size and color, indicating digestive problems. Zoom in on the middle of the deeply cracked lower lip; its raw-looking spot suggests localized inflammation of the small intestine. Note also the fuzzy border of the upper lip.




46. The cold-looking purplish upper lip of this antidepressants client represents “frozen” digestive energy. Her symptoms included bloating, weak immunity and being “tired to the bone.”





47. Here’s another example of a diet that had, for this woman’s condition, too many salads, packaged snack foods, raw fruits and juices and chilled beverages. The result is an upper lip that looks frostbitten. Also note the very rim of her upper lip is darker than the lip itself, an indicator of adrenal exhaustion.




30 Days Later
30 Days later

74 & 75.  Bill said “enough!” to the meds that didn’t resolve his chronic eczema and instead changed his diet. Compare just his lips in the before and 30-days-after photos as a measure of his regained digestive health. As Bill’s new diet is easy to assimilate, toxins are no longer sloughed off through his skin as eczema. A host of other nagging problems are also receding and he is delighting in his renewed energy and newfound well-being.





Testimonials from Readers

The most unexpected benefit is how QUICKLY it began to work—within three days I felt so much better and started to enjoy my meals the way I used to as a child. The biggest change in my face is in my lips—they have COLOR! Who needs lipstick? Tatjana, Colorado

One of the important things I learned from you is to pay attention to what my body is saying. For example, I hadn’t connected waking up with puffy eyes and not having an appetite with my digestion. It’s just the way I’ve always been. Now I see that it’s my body trying to tell me something and I know how to proceed! Lisa L., California

I cut out dairy, and then I put it back in to see if there would be a difference in my face and sinus congestion. You’re right—you saw it in my face, and it’s drastic! It became clear that I’m allergic to dairy. —Sarah A., NH

I used to wake up with intense pain in my stomach. Now that pain is gone—unless I go off the diet, in which case I am again waking up in the middle of the night and the skin above my lip gets all red and chapped. —Janet S.,

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