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Face Reading: A Mother and Daughter Comparison

Face Reading: A Mother and Daughter Comparison

More Than Genetics Using traditional Chinese Face Reading we can decode the messages our faces reveal. As an example, let’s examine this mother and daughter photo. When your diet and lifestyle are right for you, your vital energy and innate beauty shine through unhindered. But if you’re not in balance, if there’s an energetic snarl… Continue Reading

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Identify Leaky Gut with Face Reading

DIY Diagnosis You can detect leaky gut (intestinal hyper-permeability) by looking in the mirror. Over centuries, Chinese medicine developed a sophisticated system of correspondences between outward signs and the internal organs; such as, for example, that the lower lip region reflects colon health. So take a look. If your lower lip is toned, uniformly colored… Continue Reading

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    • Eliminate what’s hurting your gut, and then it can start to mend. Our bodies are hardwired to heal. There are specific diet and lifestyle adjustments that expedite healing.

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How to Make and Use a Castor Oil Pack

Castor Oil Packs—An Effective Home Remedy to Boost Immunity and Reduce Inflammation If your qi doesn’t flow smoothly, the energy gnarls up and symptoms develop. A warm castor oil pack is an effective way to unscramble this energetic traffic jam. The common cause of virtually all symptoms is energy gone awry, and if uncorrected, an… Continue Reading

7 Responses to Castor Oil Packs—An Effective Home Remedy to Boost Immunity and Reduce Inflammation

  1. Thank you Rebecca. I wasn’t specific, but the client is my 30 y.o. daughter who had an open partial nephrectomy 1 1/2 yrs ago for a cancer scare (happily benign). Parts of her incision have improved but other sections have not despite frequent massages. She is also struggling with low back pain issues which as PT, I can’t help but feel are connected, at least in part, to changes in her abdominal wall.

    • This is obviously too technical a question to adequately relate to on this forum. If your daughter wishes to consult with me, we can address the low back pain issues.

      • My apologies Rebecca, I didn’t mean to be requesting too much specifics regarding the back pain, rather the time since open abdominal surgery in regards to the castor oil pack, which you answered the first time.

        Thank you.

  2. Thanks for this detailed explanation! I’ve been wanting to do more castor oil packs, but found it really messy. I was wondering: if my pack now smells rancid, but I don’t want to throw it out because it’s pure wool, what’s the best way to clean it properly?

    • Give your old castor flannel a good wash using, if necessary, a strong detergent. Then it’s ready for another long cycle of use.

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    Somewhere over the past few years I learned of this and gave it a try for menstrual cramps, but now menopausal (yay!) I haven’t thought of it again. I’m wondering what your thoughts are on the use of this 1 1/2 yrs following an open abdominal surgery where a 6-8 inch keloid scar is present. Thanks so much for all the work you share!

    • By all means, resume castor oil pack. They will help keep the scar tissue soft as well as support your liver and gut functions.

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The Whole30 Program—From Viral to Mainstream

The Whole30 went viral over four years ago and still remains a top* diet. Fad diets come and go and diets from government agencies remain seriously dated, but grassroots experience rings true. Should you have health or energy concerns, perhaps it’s time to look into the Whole30. I’m impressed by how quickly my clients succeed… Continue Reading

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Under Eye Problems: Naturally Resolve Dark Skin, Puffiness and/or Hollows

If you see discoloration, puffiness or hollows under your eyes, your long-term resolution is a dietary and lifestyle upgrade. Ignore the slick ads for injectable fillers and topical treatments. Such cosmetic “fixes” fail to address the root cause and, therefore, cannot deliver long-term results. Many people—even adolescents—succumb to the con that deep tear troughs are… Continue Reading

3 Responses to Under Eye Problems: Naturally Resolve Dark Skin, Puffiness and/or Hollows

  1. Hi Rebecca, thank you so much for this information! I can see that, unfortunately, my eyes have a lot of the same characteristics as Trent’s. I recall reading your blog entry on sanpaku eyes a while back and realized my eyes are very sanpaku at bottom, and even borderline at top. I know this is most likely due to not getting enough sleep at night, for as far back as I can recall. I’ve been progressing in a healthier lifestyle all across the board over the last few years, but sleep is definitely the area I’ve most struggled in disciplining myself.

    Just wondering, what could one expect to happen down the road to the kidneys if they continued to be compromised? In other words, if I keep running on an average of 6.5 hours of sleep each night, what kind of damage am I doing to them? Also… probably a weird question, but I’m curious ~ how exactly do the eyes get un-sanpaku’d? 🙂 Do the irises get bigger, do the lower eyelids lift, or…?

    Thank you so much for your time and phenomenal work. I truly appreciate everything I’ve learned from your blog and books! Blessings ~

    • You’ve asked a good question: how will your eyes shift back to normal (after being sanpaku)? I’m not sure, but here’s what I observe: facial features normalize as we regain our balance just as digestion returns to normal after a tummy upset. As you support your kidneys and regain your vital chi then the white sclera showing under your eyes recedes. You’ll also feel more settled in your body and regain some of the positive characteristics of strong kidneys such as courage and perseverance.

      Now it’s my turn. What shifts might you make to support getting more sleep? Perhaps less Face Book time? Or…… ? It’s great that you continue to progress to a healthier lifestyle, and perhaps you’ll want to amp that up. Good luck. It’s doable. And my hunch is that a Face Reading would support you accordingly.

      • Thanks for your reply, Rebecca! The human body is just endlessly fascinating, the more I learn. The illustration of digestion coming back into balance makes a lot of sense. Interesting when I think about it, I can see that my eyes really have changed in appearance since I was young, when the iris-to-white ratio was more balanced and, I now realize, healthy.

        I’m not a Facebook user, but the internet in general is a big distraction, yes! I’ve had a Face Reading on my wishlist for a long time, and do hope I can do that at some point. I know it would be tremendously valuable.

        Many thanks again; I truly respect and appreciate your feedback!

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Allergy Symptoms and Chronic Health Complaints? Histamine Sensitivity Might be the Source

Self-Test to Determine if a Low-Histamine Diet Will Help Resolve Your Health Issues. If you suffer from allergic-like symptoms, suspect hypersensitivities to multiple foods, or have chronic health complaints, histamines might be the problem. There are no medical tests for histamine sensitivity and very few health professionals identify or treat this condition. But it’s not… Continue Reading

2 Responses to Histamine Sensitivity

  1. Hi Rebecca,
    Could you please tell me if earthen cookware is a good idea or not for someone diagnosed with Histamine Intolerance. I am concerned about bacteria hiding out in the pores of the cookware and building up over time.

    I would love to try clay vessels to cook in, but don’t want to make my situation worse.


    • Not to worry. Bringing food to a boil would kill any bacteria. Also dry the pot thoroughly after each use (and don’t store with lid on) and bacteria will die-off.

Low Salicylate Diet for Food Sensitivities

If you have nagging health complaints, you might be one of the increasing numbers of people with sensitivities to naturally occurring chemicals in foods such as salicylates. Guest blogger Maribeth Evezich, RD, offers information on sensitivities caused by salicylates (suh–lis-uh-leyts) to help you get a handle on–and resolve–your health issues. What Are Salicylates and Where Are… Continue Reading

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How Often to Go? Why One BM a Day Is Best

Popular medical opinion has it that anywhere from three bowel movements a day to one every three days is normal.1 Pooh on that! Both history and science show that our biological inner clocks are innately set for one full evacuation a day. Furthermore, there’s an ideal time. Breaking the fast reactivates the digestive system and… Continue Reading

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