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How to Prevent or Resolve Autoimmune Disease

If you suffer from progressively worsening symptoms that baffle your doctor, or if you’re diagnosed with a chronic or strange-sounding disease, then odds are it’s autoimmune related. In autoimmunity, your immune system mistakenly attacks your healthy cells. Autoimmune disease (AD) refers to a varied group of illnesses that involve every system; they are chronic, debilitating… Continue Reading

Foods that Reduce Inflammation

Inflamed tissues signal trouble and are a marker for pain and illness. Below is a listing of the top anti-inflammatory foods, along with common sense help to avoid chronic inflammation. But first, to better understand why some foods increase inflammation, let’s examine the nature of inflammation. Recall having a little scratch that became pink and… Continue Reading

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  1. Very interested in recipes/meal plans that are anti-inflammatory. I have been diagnosed with system lupus and absolutely feel you are what you eat, certain food can result in worsened symptoms, especially if you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune illness. Look forward to your reply!

    • For my book with anti-inflammatory meal plans and recipes, see Clean and Free. Also 95% of my recipes and articles on this page are relevant to you. Yes, you can take charge of your health!

  2. Thank you for your offering this month about inflammation. I enjoy your monthly emails and your website very much.
    There seems to be a mounting body of evidence (by Michelle Schoffro Cook, Robert O. Young and others) that suggests an alkaline eating regime (i.e. eating foods that result in an alkaline rather than acidic bloodstream) eliminates the fundamental cause of most (if not all) dis-ease, i.e. inflammation. I’d be grateful to hear your thoughts in a future newsletter or web post, if you can find the time, on this body of knowledge.

    Best wishes!

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Diet for Lupus and Autoimmune Disease

Lupus or any autoimmune disease is a sobering condition. However, if this is your diagnosis, I’ve good news for you. As an original cause of the disease was malabsorption, you can profoundly minimize its effects and progression by improving your digestion. When your diet is healing, you rebuild your foundational health and strengthen your immune… Continue Reading

21 Responses to Diet for Lupus and Autoimmune Disease

    • Rebecca – What can you tell me about Discord Lupus and is their a special diet for it. I need something to help control the itching which are driving me crazy.
      Thank you
      Margaret Ruggiero

      • Margaret, I’m sorry for your suffering and that you’ve such a painful autoimmune problem. For a diet to provide you with relief, we need first to identify the foods that are triggering the lupus while we are rebuilding your health with nourishing foods. I can help you with that in a Face Reading or see my books Clean and Free and Read Your Face. Good luck.

  1. Rebecca Wood, I have purchased your book Clean and Free but since it will not load to my Kindle so I need a hard copy of this book.

  2. Hi my name is Jen and I have been struggling with the skin desease called lupus as well as another auto-immune desease called myesthenia gravis, meaning great weakness of the muscles. I have found this article very helpful because I had no idea that the foods that I’ve been putting into my body have been making my conditions worse. I don’t understand why a doctor does not share this usefull dietary info other then the fact that they make more money on perscriptions. Thank you so much for this info and I look forward to starting my new diet and seeing the difference my health.

  3. Thank you for this posting, your site and your books. For people who have just been diagnosed, you have a fresh start. Have no fear, change your diet. I have suffered for over 15 years with Lupus and was finally diagnosed 3 years ago when I could not walk up the stairs and I finally caved in to going to the doctors and let go of my super woman complex (I even ignored the fact that I was in bed for 21 days straight).

    I can say is that DIET IS EVERYTHING!!! When you give up gluten, beans and cow/sheep dairy alone, your life becomes tolerable. It is easy to give them up after a few weeks. When you start to feel better, you don’t ever want to eat them again. My biggest addiction was potatoes and red bell peppers, but I gave them up happily too. Your body will tell you when you shouldn’t eat something. Any time I ate potatoes, the next day I would have excruciating pain in my hands and knees. They had to go. Clean eating is now fun.

    Hang in there all of you! You will succeed and you may just love food in a new way. Love, luck and blessings to any and all who read this!!!

  4. Being diagnosed with lupus makes me lost in my focus in everything, I believed that there’s God but im feeling tired to attend churches or making the most of it.Im eating everything because im thinking that if i eat different with the food of my family it would really cost high.specially one of my kids is a selective eater.i work very hard as it is the best things i need to do .i take my medicines regularly but,my condition is not improving.i’Ve read a lot of things do’s and dont’s lists but, still, i cant really avoid . i realized im lack of discipline sometimes but what else is the best thing i should do to start the proper healing.please spare me time to read your best advise. thank you and more power to you!

    • Leeua….I’m sorry that your condition is not improving. How sobering. Muster the discipline to eat as well as you can for your condition and that will help. Notice what foods make your symptoms worse and avoid those foods.

    • Cooked or uncooked, tomatoes and other nightshade veggies (potatoes, peppers and eggplant) exacerbate autoimmune conditions. Avoid them to the best of your ability! After several weeks of avoidance, then try them again and note how your symptoms flare.

    • Yes….it is so sobering to have a lupus diagnosis. And the good news is, you can be proactive! I’d be delighted to help you in a Diet Consultation and Face REading in which you’ll learn to clearly track your own positive health improvements.

      • Been diagnosed with discoid lupus iv tried not eating certain foods but still lupus flairs up gain my eyes are always attacked my eye lids swell up please can anyone help😢

  5. I’ve been exploring for a bit for high quality articles or weblog posts and I at last stumbled upon this website. Reading this information I’ve a very excellent uncanny feeling I discovered exactly what I needed. I most unquestionably will make sure to don?t omit this website and provides it a look on a constant basis.

    • Yes, it’s so sobering and scary to have a diagnosis like lupus. But the good news is, you now understand why you haven’t been feeling your best AND from here on, you can proactively take care of yourself. With all auto immune diseases, be sure to identify and then avoid your food allergies. My book, Clean and Free enables you to do just that.

  6. Thank you. I learned more from reading this short article than all my Dr’s have told me about proper nutrition with lupus & autoimmune disease. I’m coming back for more.

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Autoimmune Disease

If you suffer from an autoimmune disease, become a sleuth—daily track your flare-ups and remissions. That its intensity waxes and wanes is a key to help you take control of your health. In your daily log include your diet and any other variables that might relate to your condition. Each entry on the log becomes… Continue Reading

4 Responses to Autoimmune Disease

  1. I am having Henoch Schonlein Purpura and IGA Nephropathy. Currently I am free from HSP rashes but how will I know what all foods are aggrevating IGA nephropathy? I find it difficult as there is no sudden symptoms for IGA Nephro as far as I know.

  2. Great post! I have been suffering from chronic hives for the past 2months. I drink lots of water 40-50oz for my 110lb frame. I eat a fibrous diet including soy and protein. I currently am taking vitamin c, acidophilus, fish oil, zinc, b12, and antihistamines to relive some of the itch. What more should I be doing or not doing? Would kill to see these hives rid from my body….

    • Sorry to hear about your hives. While all the good things you’re doing may work for one person, they might not be right for you. For example, soy is a common allergen. You might consider a Diet Consult with me in order to pinpoint what’s right for you. Or perhaps one of my ebooks would provide your answers.

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