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Hostage to Blueberries

If you’re eating blueberries regularly because you’ve been told they’re a superfood, then you may have been duped. Yes, blueberries have a great nutritional profile. Yes, they may play a role in disease prevention. But let’s use our critical intelligence. A frequent serving of blueberries is nothing to write home about and certainly not worth… Continue Reading

5 Responses to Hostage to Blueberries

  1. How quickly does the face change. I have terrible frown marks between the brows.
    Love your newsletters, thank you

  2. I don’t understand how you proved that gluten was causing “David” to have an enlarged prostate.You said it became “obvious”. Why was it obvious?
    Thank you.

    • My book, Read Your Face, spells it out clearly and has illustrative photographs. For some decades I have correlated diet logs with facial indicators. Then when people upgrade their diet, their faces change. It’s quite amazing and effective.

  3. Thank you for a measured approach to food and fads! We can hurt ourselves jumping on and off different bandwagons.

Foods that Reduce Inflammation

Inflamed tissues signal trouble and are a marker for pain and illness. Below is a listing of the top anti-inflammatory foods, along with common sense help to avoid chronic inflammation. But first, to better understand why some foods increase inflammation, let’s examine the nature of inflammation. Recall having a little scratch that became pink and… Continue Reading

3 Responses to Foods that Reduce Inflammation

  1. Very interested in recipes/meal plans that are anti-inflammatory. I have been diagnosed with system lupus and absolutely feel you are what you eat, certain food can result in worsened symptoms, especially if you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune illness. Look forward to your reply!

    • For my book with anti-inflammatory meal plans and recipes, see Clean and Free. Also 95% of my recipes and articles on this page are relevant to you. Yes, you can take charge of your health!

  2. Thank you for your offering this month about inflammation. I enjoy your monthly emails and your website very much.
    There seems to be a mounting body of evidence (by Michelle Schoffro Cook, Robert O. Young and others) that suggests an alkaline eating regime (i.e. eating foods that result in an alkaline rather than acidic bloodstream) eliminates the fundamental cause of most (if not all) dis-ease, i.e. inflammation. I’d be grateful to hear your thoughts in a future newsletter or web post, if you can find the time, on this body of knowledge.

    Best wishes!

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Broccoli Combats Cancer

Horrors at the thought of eating broccoli every day just because it may help to prevent cancer. With such an abundance of delicious, health-promoting vegetables to choose from, please enjoy a wide variety. Yes, broccoli does contain a class of potent anti-carcinogens (cancer-combating agents) called isothiocyanates. Of the millions of plant chemicals contained in our… Continue Reading

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