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How to Cook without a Recipe

Recently while cooking a community meal, my friend Lynne was excited to prepare a favorite broccoli dish. But as we didn’t have one of the ingredients on hand, toasted sesame oil, Lynne lost confidence in her ability to prepare the broccoli. I suggested various alternative seasonings, but as she couldn’t imagine how they would taste,… Continue Reading

The Steamed Veggie Hype

Sure, steaming is a healthy, quick and easy cooking method. But if you bought the line that “steamed veggies are most healthful” I’ve got some lovely news for you: To heighten dining pleasure as well as the medicinal and energetic properties of foods, using diverse cooking techniques is best. Here are two reasons why. Vive… Continue Reading

Hostage to Blueberries

If you’re eating blueberries regularly because you’ve been told they’re a superfood, then you may have been duped. Yes, blueberries have a great nutritional profile. Yes, they may play a role in disease prevention. But let’s use our critical intelligence. A frequent serving of blueberries is nothing to write home about and certainly not worth… Continue Reading

Soy — Toxin or Tonic

Is soy a good or a bad food?  Here’s how to identify and enjoy healthful soy products and to avoid the poor quality ones. But first, purchase only organic soy foods. As over ninety percent of soybeans on today’s market are genetically modified it is imperative to use only organic (non GMO) soy products. Inherently, soy… Continue Reading

Warming Foods

It’s fascinating and informing how some foods warm you up and others cool you down. In a heat-wave, it’s watermelon you want and not a hearty lamb stew. Here’s how to adjust your food choices and cooking styles to assure your thermal ease. This isn’t new information. In early Persian, Indian and Chinese literature, foods were… Continue Reading

Vegetables — Best Raw or Cooked?

Perhaps you’ve noticed how a little fresh garnish in a soup enlivens the whole bowl, as does the cilantro in this Tai Style Turkey Meatball Soup with Noodles. As we know from experience, both cooked and raw vegetables have their own benefits. Let’s examine them that we might make informed choices. Water-soluble B and C… Continue Reading

Pot Liquor

For the sheer fun of it, please join me for a toast. Let’s pull out the pot liquor (or pot likker), chink-chink our glasses and aspire that all beings might be well nourished. Even teetotalers can freely and joyfully imbibe this liquor. It’s the sweet and nutrient dense liquid that remains in the pot after… Continue Reading