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Face Reading: A Mother and Daughter Comparison

Face Reading: A Mother and Daughter Comparison

More Than Genetics Using traditional Chinese Face Reading we can decode the messages our faces reveal. As an example, let’s examine this mother and daughter photo. When your diet and lifestyle are right for you, your vital energy and innate beauty shine through unhindered. But if you’re not in balance, if there’s an energetic snarl… Continue Reading

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Identify Leaky Gut with Face Reading

DIY Diagnosis You can detect leaky gut (intestinal hyper-permeability) by looking in the mirror. Over centuries, Chinese medicine developed a sophisticated system of correspondences between outward signs and the internal organs; such as, for example, that the lower lip region reflects colon health. So take a look. If your lower lip is toned, uniformly colored… Continue Reading

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    • Eliminate what’s hurting your gut, and then it can start to mend. Our bodies are hardwired to heal. There are specific diet and lifestyle adjustments that expedite healing.

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Under Eye Problems: Naturally Resolve Dark Skin, Puffiness and/or Hollows

If you see discoloration, puffiness or hollows under your eyes, your long-term resolution is a dietary and lifestyle upgrade. Ignore the slick ads for injectable fillers and topical treatments. Such cosmetic “fixes” fail to address the root cause and, therefore, cannot deliver long-term results. Many people—even adolescents—succumb to the con that deep tear troughs are… Continue Reading

3 Responses to Under Eye Problems: Naturally Resolve Dark Skin, Puffiness and/or Hollows

  1. Hi Rebecca, thank you so much for this information! I can see that, unfortunately, my eyes have a lot of the same characteristics as Trent’s. I recall reading your blog entry on sanpaku eyes a while back and realized my eyes are very sanpaku at bottom, and even borderline at top. I know this is most likely due to not getting enough sleep at night, for as far back as I can recall. I’ve been progressing in a healthier lifestyle all across the board over the last few years, but sleep is definitely the area I’ve most struggled in disciplining myself.

    Just wondering, what could one expect to happen down the road to the kidneys if they continued to be compromised? In other words, if I keep running on an average of 6.5 hours of sleep each night, what kind of damage am I doing to them? Also… probably a weird question, but I’m curious ~ how exactly do the eyes get un-sanpaku’d? 🙂 Do the irises get bigger, do the lower eyelids lift, or…?

    Thank you so much for your time and phenomenal work. I truly appreciate everything I’ve learned from your blog and books! Blessings ~

    • You’ve asked a good question: how will your eyes shift back to normal (after being sanpaku)? I’m not sure, but here’s what I observe: facial features normalize as we regain our balance just as digestion returns to normal after a tummy upset. As you support your kidneys and regain your vital chi then the white sclera showing under your eyes recedes. You’ll also feel more settled in your body and regain some of the positive characteristics of strong kidneys such as courage and perseverance.

      Now it’s my turn. What shifts might you make to support getting more sleep? Perhaps less Face Book time? Or…… ? It’s great that you continue to progress to a healthier lifestyle, and perhaps you’ll want to amp that up. Good luck. It’s doable. And my hunch is that a Face Reading would support you accordingly.

      • Thanks for your reply, Rebecca! The human body is just endlessly fascinating, the more I learn. The illustration of digestion coming back into balance makes a lot of sense. Interesting when I think about it, I can see that my eyes really have changed in appearance since I was young, when the iris-to-white ratio was more balanced and, I now realize, healthy.

        I’m not a Facebook user, but the internet in general is a big distraction, yes! I’ve had a Face Reading on my wishlist for a long time, and do hope I can do that at some point. I know it would be tremendously valuable.

        Many thanks again; I truly respect and appreciate your feedback!

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Sanpaku Eyes Revel Low Kidney Energy According to Chinese Face Reading

 Sanpaku—or “Three Whites”—Eyes Reflect Kidney Health Just as a sparkle in the eye reveals zestful energy, a highly placed iris reveals low kidney energy according to Face Reading. When a person looks straight ahead and the white sclera shows underneath the colored iris, this is called sanpaku (a Japanese term meaning three whites) as illustrated below. Typically… Continue Reading

2 Responses to Sanpaku Eyes Reveal Low Energy

    • You’re right, sanpaku can generally be changed unless, probably, you’re in your late 80s. But it will take some work to ground your energy and support your kidneys. Odds are that you’ll need to shift both your diet and lifestyle choices. If you want specific help, I’ll be glad to do so in a Face Reading consultation. Good luck!

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5 Responses to Photos Show Diet Resolves Acid Indigestion and Heartburn

    • Pat, Glad you asked. Yes, I work with people all over the world. Place an order and you’ll receive your Consultation Packet. Fill it out and I’ll create and email your Face Reading Report.

  1. Rebecca, thank you for this article. There are too many doctors out there telling their patients they will have to be on these drugs for the rest of their lives! My doctor is one of them. Three months ago my doctor handed me a prescription for Protonix and told me I would probably have to take it for the rest of my life. The insert from the pharmaceutical company states very clearly this drug is not meant for long term use. She did not believe me when I told her I would heal with the proper food. Thanks to you I am learning so much more about food as medicine.

  2. Care sunt recomandarile tale pentru arsuri gastrice si indigestie pentru ca din articolul tau nu reiese nimic in acest sens?

    • For heartburn and acid indigestion, the first step is to identify what ingredients are challenging your digestion and to avoid them. I spell this all out in my ebook, Clean and Free, or consider a Consultation with me.

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2 Responses to How I Learned Chinese Face Reading for Health

  1. I’m a subscriber to your newsletter, which I’ve found to be wonderfully informative.

    I’d like more information about face reading. The link to your FAQ page doesn’t work–I received a message that the page was not found. I’d be most grateful if you would provide me with a working link to the FAQs. I’d like to know more, including instructions on taking the photo that is the key to your reading.

    Thank you.

    • I regret the inconvenience and how curious as the link works for me:

      Upon placing an order, you receive instructions for taking the photo. But here they are:
      Your Photo – A cell phone or computer camera work nicely. Send three high-resolution photos as attachments (not embedded in an email): one looking straight ahead, one off-center left, and one off-center right.
      • Take clear, close-up photos in natural light without shadows as per the man’s photo below. Avoid shadows and bright light as in the woman’s photo since they obscure subtle detail.
      • Neutral expression; mouth relaxed rather than smiling.
      • No make-up; neck and face fully revealed; pin or tie back your hair if necessary.
      • Neutral expression; mouth relaxed rather than smiling.
      • No make-up; neck and face fully revealed; pin or tie back your hair if necessary.
      • Men: a clean shave enables a more comprehensive reading.

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Face Color Different than Neck Color

Dear Rebecca:  The color on my face is much darker than my neck, it’s not from a tan and it didn’t used to be this way. It makes me look weird. What can I do? –Tonya Dear Tonya:  You’re right, skin color can change and I’ll tell you how to regain your normal color. But… Continue Reading

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White Line Around the Lips

Dear Rebecca: I’m 20-year-old college student, and I’ve had a white line around my lips for many years now. Some days it is more noticeable than others, but it’s almost always there. And for the past nine months, there’s been a white spot near my lips. This affects my self-esteem and confidence level so much. Can… Continue Reading

2 Responses to White Line Around the Lips

  1. Hi there I would like to know if you have figured out what fixes the white line under lip issue. Is there a certain vegetable or vitamin? Thanks

    • There’s no magic bullet. It requires significant dietary upgrade. I’m available for personal help in a Consult if you so wish.

Swollen Lips

Does swelling below your lower lip make it jut out like a ledge? If your lips appear swollen, consider that those lip ledges weren’t there in your high school photos. And you won’t find swollen or discolored lips in classical art or in photos prior to the 1950s. Indeed, the historical norm for lips is that… Continue Reading

8 Responses to Swollen Lips

  1. Had staph infection — had sores in my nose and taking topical mupricon for the nose and the lips — after a week – I started seeing under the bottom lip swell a little — they thought it was a reaction — now it is still there — like the picture of Betsy in your website —
    I have no problems with digestion — do not eat dairy or wheat and just chicken and veggies —
    I gave up bagels and do not have celiac — My diet is very bland and no sugar – no juices or fruit — just bananas-am I a candidate for you to help. I am 67 and an athlete — doing triathlons.

    I am willing to pay the $100.00 for you to see my pic.

    • Even if the “ledge” on your lower lip is 100% related to the mupricon, I’m confident that by analyzing your face, I can provide you with relevant health information. By the way, many people with dysbiosis and leaky gut (commonly expressed by irregularities on the lower lip) have no overt digestive symptoms.

  2. Thanks. This is the first time I have heard about looking at the pouches and coloring under the lips. Very interesting. I will be looking more closely at this area on people this coming week.

    • Great, and track your own lip as well. For example, if constipated the lower lip tends to be larger than after a full BM.

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