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3 Responses to Free Yourself from Sugar Cravings

  1. If this should be helpful to anyone, I eat a nice even, protein, good fat, low carb (no grain or potatoe) diet with lots of fresh and cooked vegetables and from time to time bone stock. And still, sometimes I don’t know what I’m craving, so I’ll juice deep leafy greens and voila! If that lovely hit of minerals and phyto goodness doesn’t do the trick. So the search, e.g. hunger, in my case is for dense nutrition. Interesting, hugh? Go Rebecca!

  2. Dr. told me to “tweak” my diet a little bit to overcome so many urinary infections. I am 79 years old and understand that many women have this problem.
    I tweaked it all right! I have been eating sweets, too much dairy, and don’t get enough nutrients. It is lunch thatI have trouble with. Never know what to eat to get full.I have meat for breakfast and dinner..never can find anything at noon. I do get bored on this diet, but it certainly is a lot better than it was when I started 3.5 years ago.

  3. I like this post. Eating meat more often than I used to seems to have helped me feel more satisfied and not indulge on tons of fruit. Thank you!

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A simple truth is that beyond middle age, our bones lose density. There’s no need to panic or to feel betrayed by this natural process. But whether you’re in your 20s, 60s or beyond, here’s a time tested way you can proactively maintain optimum bone health. This useful model for regarding osteoporosis, or a thinning… Continue Reading

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12 Responses to Up in the Night to Pee?

  1. Since I was pregnant with my first in 1978 and spent years breastfeeding 4 children, I have never been able to sleep more than 2-3 hours in a stretch and that is on a good night. (Even when I was hospitalized & given sleping pills I woke up.) I have to pee AND I am thirsty. My naturopath & I decided I am still getting quality sleep because I get one REM cycle in at a time. The only times it is a problem is if I can’t get back to sleep. We go to bed really early and most nights I manage to get 8-9 hours if I add together my cycles.

  2. Rebecca,

    Can you describe what ideal urine looks like? You describe the effects of too much and too little, but what should we be aiming for? (pardon the pun!)

    My understanding is that the less yellow the better….

  3. Hi Rebecca,

    I have had this problem for awhile now. I thought I was supposed to drink more water. I have started observing and monitoring myself and do not drink alot befor I go to bed. I am also taking into consideration other liquids I take everyday ; like tea, soup and smoothies.

    I appreciate your newsletter and information.

    Thank you!

  4. Since my son was born two years ago I’ve only been sleeping 3 hour stretches. And getting up in between to pee. I drink 2 litres a day. Probably more. I stop drinking at 5 or 6pm. The past 6 months have been worse. For 5 months I was getting up every 1 or 2 hours to pee. I discovered Interstitial cystitis. and after starting the diet I went back to gettin up every 3 or 4 hours. If I rinse my mouth with salt water or use Crest toothpaste (14% sodium) I get up more.
    I’m now wondering if it is my adrenal glands.
    Any other suggestions?
    Oh I did try drinking less but then I was getting salivary stones and one doctor said I might of Sjogren’s disease. But I haven’t figured out anything with that. I don’t have any of those major symptoms. Just a swollen gland after I eat. And now that I’m drinking 2 litres again it hasn’t been a problem…
    I need help! Too bad doctors aren’t helping… would love to hear any suggestions.

    • To support your kidney function (including bladder and adrenals) with diet, enjoy root vegetables, seaweed, meat and beans. Avoid stimulants, chilled or cold foods and beverages and excessive fluids. To fine tune to your specific needs, I’m available for a Diet Consultation.

  5. Dear Rebecca,
    Great Article! What ever happened to your face diet book? I was really looking forward to it! I have all your other books and reference them quite often.


    • Thank you, Natasha,
      My book on Facial Diagnosis is still in the works. I hope to get it out this year and will announce it in my Newsletter.

  6. How does one go about rejuvenating the kidnies? Are their particular substances that one might consume or expose oneself to that kidies need to flush out? Do particular lifestyle practices help or hurt?

    Thank you!!

    • Rejuvenating and strengthening the kidneys involves supporting them (a good diet, rest, avoiding stress) and eliminating those things which tax them (sitting too long, standing too long, exposure to cold, eating cold or frozen foods, too much or too little salt, too much or too little fluid consumption). Also check out my article on the Thermal Properties .

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Here are natural remedies to help you glide through menopause. The strategies I discuss below can help shift uncomfortable hot flashes toward mild and enjoyable ripples of energy. As a woman’s ovaries retire from active production around the age of 50, her body’s hormone production adjusts. Just as puberty signaled an increase in estrogen hormones,… Continue Reading

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