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Medicinal Bone Broth Recipe with Chinese Herbs

When bone broth is made only from bones, you’ve got a medicinal tonic. To further kick up this recipe’s value, add vegetables and potent Chinese medicinal herbs. Of the 13,000 herbs listed in the Chinese pharmacopoeia, here are the top eleven used for bone stock plus a broth recipe. Their invaluable healing properties both sweeten and… Continue Reading

Roasted Daikon Soup with Dandelion Greens

From The Whole Bowl: Gluten-free, Dairy-free Soups and Stews, by Rebecca Wood and Leda Scheintaub. Countryman Press, 2015. While the dandelion greens found year round at the greengrocers work well in this soup, for a special springtime delicacy, I encourage you to forage dandelions so that you can also feast on their hearts and buds. Early… Continue Reading

Yucatán Turkey Thigh and Yucca Stew 

While bone broth is indeed a tasty and healing ingredient, here’s a shortcut. Cook meat on the bone, as in this Yucatan Turkey Thigh and Yucca Stew. Then  you’ll create both the stock and the stew and only have one pot to wash. From The Whole Bowl: Gluten-free, Dairy-free Soups and Stews, by Rebecca Wood and… Continue Reading

Smoky Parsnip and Sweet Potato Soup Recipe

Thrilled to be guesting with Be Nourished this month and to whet your appetite for our upcoming cookbook, The Whole Bowl: 50 Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Soups and Stews, with this highly flavored, warming soup. The Smoky Parsnip and Sweet Potato soup gets its smoke from chipotle and a back note of allspice adds rounded depth. Earthy… Continue Reading

Chicken Broth

Here’s an easy recipe for chicken broth that’s high in minerals, collagen and glycine. To read about its astounding health benefits see: Bone Stock. Enjoy it straight as an energy tonic or add it to soups, stews and sauces. The longer you cook the bones, the more minerals are extracted; however, excessive cooking and/or high heat… Continue Reading

Vegetable Stock

Your own stock outshines any commercial stock in terms of  the energy it imparts and the pleasure it delivers. Why’s that? Really ponder the indignities that one carrot would encounter going thru a commercial size factory to be spewed out as product with a shelf-life of more than 18 months. As commercially prepared foods are… Continue Reading

May Day Stew

If you think that stew is strictly a cold-weather dish, surprise yourself otherwise! This gorgeous spring stew uses tender veggies at their flavor peak. The ’taters and turnips become earthy-sweet, and the colorful green asparagus and peas become brighter. This winsome dish is a light and satisfying first course. This recipe makes perfect use of… Continue Reading

Thai-Style Turkey Meatball Noodle Soup

Taken from The Whole Bowl, by Rebecca Wood and Leda Scheintaub Most traditional meatball recipes contain both wheat, in the form of breadcrumbs, and dairy, often Parmesan cheese. I’m happy to report that neither is essential to a great meatball: They aren’t needed to hold the meatballs together, and without them there are no fillers… Continue Reading

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