Chinese Face Reading for Health

Making the connection between health and a beautiful face

With amazing accuracy, Chinese Face Reading reveals the state of your inner health. So if trouble is brewing, your face calls this out. You can get a clear reading, make necessary shifts and get back on track. Then your essence and inner beauty shine through unhindered. And this could save your life.
Organ functions correlate to facial regions
Organ functions correlate to facial regions

The first sketch correlates the areas of the face with the organs in the body. The illustration below points out three indicators that reveal specific health concerns. Then look at some of my clients’ Before and After photos to see how they regained their health by adjusting their diet.

Over centuries, Chinese medicine developed an extremely sophisticated system of correspondences between outward signs and the internal organs. For example, skin discoloration directly below your eyes reflects an inner imbalance of your kidney function.

Three facial indicators

Three facial indicators

Another kidney indicator, illustrated below, is sanpaku, or when the white sclera shows beneath the iris when you’re looking straight ahead. So if you see a facial indicator like discoloration or sanpaku, the message is to modify your diet and lifestyle. Then as your kidneys regroup, your skin discoloration fades or the sanpaku recedes. It’s that simple.

Make Substantive Health Upgrades

Face Reading–based health upgrades are more than cosmetic. If your insides are misaligned, then you don’t feel—or look—your best.

The great news is you don’t need to study Chinese medicine to learn this effective self-care technique. For nearly 50 years, I’ve used Chinese 5-Element Medicine and Face Reading in my whole foods writing and diet consultation business. I’ve distilled the essence of what you need in order to implement your own healing diet.

Read Your Face—Regain Your Health

Let’s get started. First, grab a mirror. Better yet, take a close-up “before” photo of your face and neck in bright—preferably natural—light but not in direct sunlight. We’re going to learn to read three facial indicators—all you need to do is look to see if you recognize any of the following signs.

1. Eyelids Reveal Digestive Health

Swollen, puffy or discolored eyelids indicate a spleen-related digestive issue. If you have this tendency, you’ll often find more exaggerated swelling upon awakening and/or after exposure to a food or environmental allergen. If the puffiness has been chronic and you’re over 50, it may be hard to reverse, but at a minimum, you can check it. Today puffy eyelids are not uncommon. But examine photos prior to the 1950s and you’ll see that before the advent of our modern diet, swollen eyelids were rare.

Common Physical Symptoms of a Challenged Spleen: hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue, sinusitis, weak digestion, food sensitivities, bloating, organ prolapse, food sensitivities, varicose veins, edema, candida-type yeast infections, excess phlegm, overweight, fluid retention, and/or easy bruising.

Emotional Profile Often Accompanying a Challenged Spleen: being overly worried, fretful, nervous, obsessive, clinging, meddlesome or overbearing. (Whereas a person with balanced spleen energy is creative, nurturing, hardworking, strong, responsible and practical.)

Rx to Regain Spleen Balance: Enjoy easy-to-digest meals, moderate carbohydrates and very moderate use of sweeteners. Favor soups and stews over packaged, dry or baked goods. Singing and dancing also support spleen energy.

2. Sanpaku (a Japanese term meaning “three whites”) Reflects Overall Vitality 

When a person looks straight ahead and you can see white sclera on three sides of the iris, this is termed sanpaku. If one of the “whites” shows below the iris, it means that one is not so physically grounded and experiences kidney-related symptoms. See my Sanpaku blog with photos showing clients who have reversed their sanpaku condition.

Common Physical Symptoms of Challenged Kidneys: weak bones, teeth or legs; prematurely graying or thinning hair; dizziness; menstrual or fertility problems.

Emotional Profile Often Accompanying Challenged Kidneys: paranoia, fear, frigidity, feelings of being isolated and depression. (Conversely, a person with strong kidney function is courageous, has a strong will and is valued for being gentle, active and calm.)

Rx to Regain Kidney Balance: Be sure to get adequate sleep and, ideally, be in bed by 10 pm. Strengthening foods for the kidneys include: bone stock, flesh foods, root vegetables and seaweed. Moderate exercise helps, in particular tai chi, walking and swimming. (Avoid coffee, intoxicants, drinking more fluid than is good for you, insufficient salt, medications, chemical and environmental toxins as well as a sedentary lifestyle.)

3. Larger Lower Lip Indicates Colon Issues

In Face Reading, the lower lip primarily reflects the condition of the colon. To see how our modern collective bowel health has changed, examine lip sizes in photographs from before the 1950s and classical art. Lips used to be uniform in size, but in recent decades the bottom lip is typically larger—even twice the size—as the top lip. See Swollen Lips.

Granted, lip size is variable, and large lips are a racial characteristic of some people (often those of tropical descent). What you’re looking for is to discern and then regain your own healthy norm. Looking at childhood photos and your ancestors will give you a template.

Note: In addition to genetics, hormones help determine lip size. As hormones decrease with age, generally speaking, lip size does as well. But change can happen on the spot. For example, when a person is sexually aroused, both lips engorge, and after a full bowel movement, the lower lip contracts. Does that make today’s Botox lips an effort to mimic raging hormones, or are they a telltale sign of bowel problems?

Common Physical Symptoms of a Challenged Colon: bowel irregularities including colitis, leaky gut, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease and gut dysbiosis.

Emotional Profile Accompanying a Challenged Colon: sadness, victim mentality, a feeling of being stuck, difficulty concentrating and organizing.

Rx to Regain Colon Health: When you chronically eat what isn’t easily assimilated, bowel problems result. It’s critical to identify offenders in your diet that challenge your system. Whether or not you have true food allergies, food sensitivities or chemical sensitivities is for you to determine by trying an elimination diet. To further support colon health, eliminate or at least minimize packaged, refined, stale and processed foods. My elimination diet ebook, Clean and Free, provides this information and includes recipes and meal plans.

­­­­­­With this brief introduction to Face Reading, you can see its potential use for building your health. It also provides insight into the people in your life and can help you to make informed food choices for young children and elders who might be in need of support.

While most of today’s popular Face Reading emphasizes personality, wealth and relationships, my focus remains on health. For nearly 50 years, I have studied and applied Chinese Face Reading to my clients and guided them in making diet and lifestyle shifts to regain their health. I invite you to lean on my various blogs and books to help you realize your health goals. If you wish for personal help, I’m available for a Consultation.


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