Face Reading for Health

Making the connection between diet and your innate beauty

With amazing accuracy, Face Reading reveals the state of your inner health. So if trouble is brewing, your face calls this out. You can get a clear reading, make necessary dietary and lifestyle shifts and get back on track. Then your essence and core beauty shine through unhindered.
Organ functions correlate to facial regions
Organ functions correlate to facial regions

Over centuries, Chinese medicine developed an extremely sophisticated system of correspondences between outward signs and the internal organs. This sketch correlates the areas of the face with the organs in the body. You don’t need to study Chinese medicine to learn this effective self-care technique. I have and for over 45 years I’ve used it in my diet consultation business. I’ve distilled the essence of what you need in order to realize your health and energy goals.

In my Blogs you’ll see which facial indicators reveal specific health concerns. In the Before and After photos you can see see how my clients regained their health and energy. You’ll find some heartwarming stories in their Testimonials. If you wish for personal help, I’m available for a Consultation. You can do it yourself with my ebook, Read Your Face.

Or have your face read! Place your order and receive your Consultation Packet. Fill it out, return it with your photos and within a week you’ll receive your Face Reading Report. From your hairline to your Adam’s apple, this comprehensive Report will gently call out your facial features that reveal internal imbalance. It then details the dietary and lifestyle adjustments to build your:

  • Energy
  • Innate beauty
  • Health
  • Emotional ease


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Thank you so much for your comprehensive report. I’ve read and referred to it many times these past weeks. I’m feeling more balanced and my memory and appetite are much better as a result of your recommended changes. I now understand the way forward, and I’m very grateful to you. —Katie Stetson, North Beach, Maryland

Chinese Face Reading explained in this video

Face Reading, Diet and Health Report, $125

rebecca and a clientIn this comprehensive report, you’ll clearly see correlations between your various facial indicators with your health, emotions and their related internal organs.

10-page Report with your annotated photo

  • Diet guidelines
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • An email follow-up exchange to answer your questions

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Before and After Face Reading Package, $195

If you suffer from a chronic health complaint and/or weight problems, consider the Before and After Package. It includes all the advantages of the basic Face Reading Report (see above) plus: a second report with a side-by-side comparison of your start up photo and your current photo. This photo series provides an invaluable record of your progress showing how features positively shift when your diet is right for you. Your second report will guide you in making additional adjustments if necessary.

  • Two Face Reading Reports with your annotated photos
  • Recommended dietary adjustments
  • Meal planning
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Two email follow-up exchanges to answer your questions

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 Follow-up Report, $75  (For existing clients)

Following your initial Face Reading Report(s) you have made positive changes and are enjoying significant health improvements. But if you’re yet to reach goal, order a Follow-Up Report. Send in your updated Consultation Packet and a new photo. Your new Report will include a comprehensive update with a side-by-side comparison of your prior photo(s) and your current photo.

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Jackhammer Snoring Resolved
Since you read my face, I’ve followed your diet, lost weight, and have better digestion and more energy in the morning. Now my husband is also eating this way and has dramatically reduced heartburn. Best of all – he doesn’t snore anymore! We had no idea his jackhammer snoring (that kept me awake for years) was food-related! I can’t tell you how nice it is to sleep in (near) silence through the night. Thank you!  — Andrea G., Valley Center, CA 

I Love Tracking Progress with Photos of My Face
I’m having great results on your elimination diet and I love being able to track my progress through photos of my face. My husband has watched me get so much better that he is placing an order for his own reading! — S. Sandberg, Portland, Oregon

Happy to Have Your Guidance
Thank you for my report which I found very touching. It is a wonderful thing to be seen, especially when the seeing is both perceptive and compassionate. I am really so happy to have your guidance…and to truly nourish myself for the first time in my life and move forward to regeneration and not degeneration. —
Liz, France

Kidneys Healing Nicely
I have good news about my kidney tests. For two years I had blood in my urine, my creatinine was too high (1.5) and my GFR was low (41). In the two months since your first Report I’ve upgraded my diet, exercise more and my creatinine has dropped to almost normal (1.26), my GFR is up to 52 (60 is target) and there’s no more blood in my urine (smile). Thank you, I value the information in my Face Readings. –Avis Lyons, Lafayette, LA

I Now Have the Power to Change
I appreciated your second report confirming my progress. Friends and family notice that my face looks better and I feel good from inside—light and more confident and positive than ever. I did slip a little on the holidays, but now that my habits are settled, food hasn’t been such an issue. I’ve learned a lot about my body’s processes and am hearing its signals better. How wonderful to have this knowledge about how food affects my system and my well-being, and how I have the power to affect deep changes!
–JVF, Mozambique

Drastically Better
Thanks for your Face Reading Report. I feel really good about how drastically better I’ve been. I’d felt sick for so long, and it feels good to start seeing positive change. —Anita C. (age 18), NY, NY

Acid Reflux Resolved
I’ve been on your program for three weeks and no longer have acid reflux. Everyone else around me has the cold or flu but I’ve not caught it. I’ve learned that I do better with warm food and that eating raw food isn’t necessary–hallelujah. I love your website and books; what a wealth of knowledge. —Sharon T.Happy Valley, OR

Flu and Cold Free
I had a diet consultation with you over a year ago and I haven’t had the flu or a cold since. Amazing. I am happy to report that dairy and wheat are not a regular part of my diet and I don’t even crave them! —
Diane, New York

Hemorrhoids Resolved
The diet you put me on two years ago works. Today I don’t have any mucus come up when I go to the gym and as long as I stay off of dairy and processed grains I feel great. I feel better than I have in years. My hemorrhoids are completely gone. I am generally feeling so much better and am glad to have finally fixed the health problems that had plagued me for the last 10 years! And all this thanks to you and your awesome diet! I really want to thank you so much for your help; it has truly changed my life. —Y. G., Colorado

The Changes are Visible
First of all, a big thank you! I am very satisfied with my Report, your diagnosis, diet and other suggestions. It is of great value to know what my face reflects, and understand its relation to my inner body. Also, your report is written and organized in a way that any person less keen on the subject gets your ideas and feels excited to start making changes, imagining the future health gains. I am feeling better than ever with less emotional, hunger and craving episodes. The changes are visible (and I am eager for more). It is curious how I used to think that I was born with inner health conditions and nothing could be changed. —JM, Portugal

Blood Sugar Now Normal
It is two weeks since our consultation and the changes are dramatic. The discolored skin by my eyes is lighter and my blood sugar is better. It used to average 140 after a meal but it’s now a healthy normal of 105! –Jerry F.,Portland, Oregon

Who Needs Lipstick
My consultation with Rebecca Wood felt like a start of an important change. She was so thorough, supportive and inspiring that it wasn’t difficult to change to new diet. The most unexpected benefit is how QUICKLY it began to work – within three days I felt so much better and started to enjoy my meals the way I used to as a child. The biggest change in my face is in my lips – they have COLOUR! Who needs lipstick? I am very grateful and hope that many people benefit from Rebecca’s wisdom and experience. —Tatjana, Crestone, Colorado

Notes You Made on my FaceThank you for your report! I appreciate it very much and am following your recommendations. I agree completely that I am not assimilating my food. The notes you made on my face and discussion of those signs are very helpful indicators to watch for healing. — Miraya, Washington