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The food reference includes the healing properties of foods; in continuous print since 1983.
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A do it yourself Face Reading book.
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An allergen-free, healthy eating program.
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Identify and remedy problems caused by bacteria, fungi, intestinal parasites and viruses.
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The Sage and the Cook: Soups and Stews
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Eden Foods

Face Reading and Diet Consultations

Face Reading is a powerful diagnostic tool for diet and health, and for this reason it has remained integral to Chinese medicine for over 3000 years. Faces are like a mirror: the condition of each aspect of the face (the color below our eyes or fuzzy lip borders, for example) reveals important information about our mental, physical and emotional health.

Face Reading brings traditional knowledge and wisdom to bear on the modern lifestyle, which is often out of balance – but so easily corrected through simple changes we can all make right in our own kitchen.

For over 40 years, Rebecca has helped people clearly see the correlation between the appearance of their face and their diet, lifestyle, and overall health.

It’s like connecting dots. And amazingly, as you shift your diet and make new lifestyle choices, you’ll clearly track positive changes in your beaming face. Who ever thought that looking in the mirror could be so pleasurable!

See Testimonials,  Q&A’s and Photos of actual clients.

Rebecca-Wood-Consult-Sm With Read Your Face, a highly informative and user friendly, 123-page book, packed with 76 helpful photos, you can immediately start reading your own, and others, faces. This how-to book enables you to create a personalized dietary Rx—based on your own face reading—that supports your regaining core energy and innate beauty.

Or send your photo and have Rebecca read your face. Schedule a Face Reading  and learn to see yourself in a whole new light.

For a more comprehensive approach, book a Diet Consultation and Face Reading. During your first appointment, you will look at your photo on your video display while Rebecca (looking at your photo on her computer) points out various facial indicators and what they reveal about your health. She’ll provide you with an individualized diet and a game plan for implementing it.

Then during your second appointment–typically 21-days later–we’ll see the results by comparing your Before and After photos. Thereafter you’ll clearly know which foods support your health and which do not! It is profoundly freeing to discover, from your own direct and trackable experience, your individual dietary needs.  Read how Rebecca learned Face Reading.  Order now or, if you’ve a question, contact Rebecca.

Face Reading, $55

  • Email your photo and then telephone or Skype Rebecca to receive your 30-Minute Facial Analysis via telephone or Skype (free recordings available with phone option)
  • Receive a Follow-Up Rx via eMail



Diet Consultation & Face Reading, $129

Two appointments via telephone or Skype (free recordings available with phone option)

  • 50-Minute Consultation and Diagnosis with Personalized Menu & Meal Planning
  • Follow-Up: after 21-days on your new diet, re-send your photo for a Second Reading and to adjust (as necessary) your dietary protocol, 30-minutes.
  • Receive a copy of Clean and Free ($9.95 value).


Follow-up Coaching, $45
You’ve made positive lifestyle and diet changes and overall are enjoying significant health improvements; but you sense that there’s still another step to take. Re-send your photo and information and in a 30-minute call, Rebecca will point out subtle facial indicators that provide clear direction for your next level of healing.

Optional: Use Follow-Up Coaching for three email exchanges with Rebecca. This is especially useful for people resolving chronic illnesses. Resend your photo, a brief description of your primary symptoms and diet and receive guidance specific to your current condition. Your three follow-up emails are good for up to six months after purchase.

See sample Photos in the Read Your Face excerpt.


I cannot believe how the skin above my eyelids has changed so much in just seven days – it’s not nearly so puffy. And overall I look and feel much more healthy. On top of that, I’ve been in a great mood and more focused and productive at work.  –Susan, Massachusetts

It is two weeks since our consultation and the changes are dramatic. The discolored skin by my eyes is lighter and my blood sugar is better. It used to average 140 after a meal but it’s now a healthy normal of 105!   –Jerry, Oregon

My consultation with Rebecca Wood felt like a start of an important change. She was so thorough, supportive and inspiring that it wasn’t difficult to change to new diet. The most unexpected benefit is how QUICKLY it began to work – within three days I felt so much better and started to enjoy my meals the way I used to as a child. The biggest change  in my face is in my lips – they have COLOUR! Who needs lipstick? I am very grateful and hope that many people benefit from Rebecca’s wisdom and experience. –Tatjana, Colorado

My previously agonizing insides are completely soothed and I am feeling totally transformed. Now I can look into a mirror and see what’s going awry. It’s written right there on my face for anyone to see- if one only knows what to look for. —Michael, Georgia

For the first time in a long time I feel good after breakfast and am not hungry again until noon. I’m not tired after meals. And it’s the same for my four-year-old. She is not asking for snacks every half hour. What a relief! —Genevieve, British Columbia

It’s been five months since our consultation and I wish I had known about this twenty years ago. It would have saved me so much suffering. My symptoms now are happiness, comfort, and an unbelievable peace of mind. —Jan, Oklahoma 

My high cholesterol, which I always believed was due to my genetics, has dropped 40 points in the three months since working with you. And my triglycerides are down too. —Joan, New Mexico I now see the correlation between what I eat and how I feel and look. When I eat something that is not in agreement with my body–I get bloated, the color in my face drains away and it makes me fatigued.  —Kelly, Illinois

I have to tell you what a blessing your advice has been. In less than twenty-four hours after eliminating wheat I started to feel like a new person emotionally—the change in my mood and disposition has been amazing. I finally feel normal again. Then, on day six, I ate a dime-size piece of bread and that night my insomnia was back. So was my stuffy nose. My mood was horrible; everything made me mad, then I just sat on the couch, curled up in a ball, and cried. Finally the anger subsided, but I still feel exhausted. I wouldn’t have believed that a morsel of bread could cause all this.  —Wendy, Utah

Questions and Answers

“How will this help me?” In your Face Reading, we’ll identify your physiological strengths as well as those functions needing support. You’ll understand root causes of your health problems. I’ll provide basic diet and lifestyle guidelines for you to proactively take charge of your health. (A Diet Consultation includes Face Reading plus a realistic dietary plan for you to implement.) You’ll track your gains in the mirror and by your increased well being.

“How many appointments will this take?” I’ll provide you with all the tools you need in one appointment. In a follow-up session we’ll fine tune your diet and compare your “before” and “after” photos so that you can better track even the subtle changes.

“Will I need to buy pricy supplements or meal replacements?” No! You’ll never again need to purchase gimmicky products or resort to dietary extremes. You daily balanced meals will both delight and satisfy you and be preventative medicine.

“Will I still crave chocolate?” When you’re well nourished, when you’re eating foods that are right for you then you are satisfied and cravings stop. You’ll be able to see what was throwing your system off and how to bring it back into balance. Then you can enjoy chocolate but not be compulsive about it.

“How soon can I get started?” Purchase using PayPal above and you’ll receive your Consultation Packet and booking information. Or,  if you prefer, fill out a Consultation Contact Form. I’ll promptly respond.

11 comments to Face Reading and Diet Consultations

  • Sue

    Good Morning Rebecca, can you do a face reading from only a photo to cut extra costs … and receive payment via paypal?
    We’re from the 3rd world Africa!!

  • Jyothi Rundel

    Hello! Yes for an in person face reading / consult.
    I live in Ashland! 541-601-2683
    Do I still pay here on computer?
    Thank you!!!

  • MM

    Do you do “in-person” face readings? If so, where?

    Thank you.

    • The great thing about each of us in our own homes looking at your photo on a monitor is that you’ll clearly see your facial indicators and then, in a follow-up, significant changes. So the consult need not be in person. That being said, I do offer some in the Ashland, OR area.

  • Julie Hartkopp

    I’m wondering if you work with children? My 2 year, 4 month old granddaughter is struggling with health issues and I’m wondering if you might be able to provide some guidance. Thank you for the wonderful service you provide others.

  • Phillip Thorne

    Hi Rebecca,

    I’ve been reading about your consultation options and was wondering how you like to receive the photo which you require. If you accept electronic format via email, or your web site, can you let me know the preferred size and resolution please. Also, is there anything specific about taking the photo which helps you in more accurately diagnosing symptoms etc. I’m presuming that a natural daylight shot works best?

    Many thanks

    • Phillip,
      It’s easy, simply take a photo from your computer or cell phone and email it. Yes, you’re right, natural daylight shot is best–the important thing is that there are no shadows on your face. Once you place your order, you’ll receive these instructions. I look forward to working with you.

  • Sandra Bergeson

    I am interested in a face reading. I do not have Skype, but can furnish a picture. Please advise.

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