Face Reading, Diet and Health

Face Reading utilizes facial indicators, such as a dark color around the eyes or white above the lips, to diagnosis the health of our internal organs. When issues are identified, a natural, whole foods diet, along with other, simple lifestyle changes, can be used to remedy most common ailments.

For over 40 years, Rebecca has helped people clearly see the correlation between their face, diet and overall health. It’s like connecting dots. And amazingly, as you shift your diet you’ll clearly track positive changes in your overall energy and your beaming face. Who ever thought that looking in the mirror could be so pleasurable!

Rebecca works with her clients to generate a Diet and Health Report. If you’ve already notice a recurring ailment yourself, and want quick, targeted support, turn to Rebecca’s Snapshots to get highly specific information about remedies. For anyone curious about the practice of Face Reading and its benefits, she recommends her popular E-Book, Read Your Face, which provides in-depth background, graphics, and photographs about the practice of Face Reading.

Rebecca Explains Face Reading in this video

“Your face is a mirror onto your soul and reveal not only your emotional and mental state of being, but the condition of your physical health as well. When common ailments are remedied, your digestion returns to optimum, and your face radiates your natural beauty.” — Rebecca Wood

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Face Reading, Diet and Health Report, $100

Place your order today and immediately receive your Consultation Packet. Fill out the Packet, send it and your photo to Rebecca and within a week, you will receive:

  • Your detailed, 10-page Report with your annotated photo revealing your current health needs.
  • Diet recommendations specific to you.
  • An email follow-up exchange with Rebecca to answer your questions.


Face Reading, Diet and Health: A Two-Month Transition Package with Two Reports, $175

Upgrading your diet takes time and the right kind of support. Rebecca will work with you for two months and provide two reports, each containing your current annotated photo. This photo series provides an invaluable record of how your features positively shift when your diet is right for you. Thereafter a glance in the mirror assures you that you’re on the right track.

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Face Reading, Diet and Health: A Three-Month Transition Package with Three Reports, $225

Upgrading your diet takes time and the right kind of support. Rebecca will work with you for three months and provide three reports, each containing your current annotated photo. This photo series provides an invaluable record of how your features positively shift when your diet is right for you. Thereafter a glance in the mirror assures you that you’re on the right track. This package is recommended for people with chronic health complaints.

Order today and immediately receive your Consultation Packet. Fill out the Packet, send it and your photo and within a week you will receive:

  • Your detailed Report with your annotated photo revealing your current health needs.
  • Diet recommendations specific to you.
  • Two-email follow-up exchanges to address your specific concerns

Second Month — After making dietary shifts for a month, send your new photo plus your updated symptoms and diet log. Then receive your second Report with your Before and After photos, side-by-side, that will clearly indicate your progress and where further adjustments are necessary. An email exchange is included.

Third Month — You’ll again send your updated information and a new photo and receive a third Report.  Then from now on you’ll clearly know how to maintain–and continue to build–your newfound health. An email exchange is included.

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Follow-up Report, $75

You’ve received either a One Report or Three Report package, have made positive lifestyle and diet changes and overall are enjoying significant health improvements; but if you sense that there’s still another step to take, consider a Follow-Up Report. There’s much to learn when Rebecca reads your before and after photo sequence. People with chronic health and/or weight problems, find great value in Follow-Up Reports.

Send new photos, your updated Symptom Questionnaire and receive a Follow-Up Report with your Before and After photos, side-by-side, with markers that clearly indicate your progress and further adjustments to take.

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Face Reading Report for Your Child

With the purchase of your Face Reading Report, you may purchase a Report for each of your children between the ages of five to 16.

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FREE!  Face Reading Report for Your Toddler  Your baby’s report is free when accompanied by an order for your Face Reading Report. 


Training and Certification for Healthcare Professionals

We all intuitively read faces to develop a “feel” for where another person is at energetically. Face reading, a deeper vision that predates x-rays, gives an invaluable readout of what is happening on the inside and how that relates to health and external behaviors. Adding Face Reading to your diagnostic repertoire is a preeminently and profoundly useful tool for understanding your clients, friends and loved ones. Rebecca offers Face Reading training, one-on-one,to a limited number of qualified students. The first step is to begin a 3-Month Transition Program and notify her of your aspiration to study Face Reading. You’ll receive an application form, syllabus, course details and certification requirements.

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Thank you for my report which I found very touching. It is a wonderful thing to be seen, especially when the seeing is both perceptive and compassionate.  I am really so happy to have your guidance…and to truly nourish myself for the first time in my life and move forward to regeneration and not degeneration.  —Liz,  France

I appreciated your second report confirming my progress. Friends and family notice that my face looks better and I feel good from inside—light and more confident and positive than ever. I did slip a little on the holidays, but now that my habits are settled, food hasn’t been such an issue. I’ve learned a lot about my body’s processes and am hearing its signals better. How wonderful to have this knowledge about how food affects my system and my well-being, and how I have the power to affect deep changes!  –JVF, Mozambique

Thanks for your Face Reading Report. I feel really good about how drastically better I’ve been. I’d felt sick for so long, and it feels good to start seeing positive change.  —Anita C. (age 18), NY, NY

I have taken most of the weekend to digest your Report.  It was raw, uncensored and a little harsh yet very true.  I am concerned about the meat. Meat is pretty much my biggest fear with the exception of Palmetto Bugs (large roaches)….Thank you for you time and the beautiful, extensive report. I hope and pray that I am able to honor the gift you have been given and the gift you have shared with me. Megan, South Carolina

I had a diet consultation with you over a year ago and I haven’t had the flu or a cold since. Amazing. I am happy to report that dairy and wheat are not a regular part of my diet and I don’t even crave them! —Diane,  New York

Your Clean & Free book is amazing–what a piece of work!  I feel that working with you has been a very positive experience, and I’m grateful for your guidance.  –Cathy, Iowa

The diet you put me on two years ago works. Today I don’t have any mucus come up when I go to the gym and as long as I stay off of dairy and processed grains I feel great. I feel better than I have in years. My hemorrhoids are completely gone. I am generally feeling so much better and am glad to have finally fixed the health problems that had plagued me for the last 10 years! And all this thanks to you and your awesome diet! I really want to thank you so much for your help; it has truly changed my life. —Y. G., Colorado

 First of all, a big thank you! I am very satisfied with my Report, your diagnosis, diet and other suggestions. It is of great value to know what my face reflects, and understand its relation to my inner body. Also, your report is written and organized in a way that any person less keen on the subject gets your ideas and feels excited to start making changes, imagining the future health gains. I am feeling better than ever with less emotional, hunger and craving episodes. The changes are visible (and I am eager for more). It is curious how I used to think that I was born with inner health conditions and nothing could be changed. —JM, Portugal

I’m happy to say that my sleep is improving gradually and so it my tinnitus. –Martin, England

I cannot believe how the skin above my eyelids has changed so much in just seven days – it’s not nearly so puffy. And overall I look and feel much more healthy. On top of that, I’ve been in a great mood and more focused and productive at work.  —Susan, Massachusetts

It is two weeks since our consultation and the changes are dramatic. The discolored skin by my eyes is lighter and my blood sugar is better. It used to average 140 after a meal but it’s now a healthy normal of 105!   –Jerry, Oregon

My consultation with Rebecca Wood felt like a start of an important change. She was so thorough, supportive and inspiring that it wasn’t difficult to change to new diet. The most unexpected benefit is how QUICKLY it began to work – within three days I felt so much better and started to enjoy my meals the way I used to as a child. The biggest change  in my face is in my lips – they have COLOUR! Who needs lipstick? I am very grateful and hope that many people benefit from Rebecca’s wisdom and experience. —Tatjana, Colorado

Thank you for your report! I appreciate it very much and am following your recommendations. I agree completely that I am not assimilating my food. The notes you made on my face and discussion of those signs are very helpful indicators to watch for healing. — Miraya, Washington

My previously agonizing insides are completely soothed and I am feeling totally transformed. Now I can look into a mirror and see what’s going awry. It’s written right there on my face for anyone to see- if one only knows what to look for. —Michael, Georgia

For the first time in a long time I feel good after breakfast and am not hungry again until noon. I’m not tired after meals. And it’s the same for my four-year-old. She is not asking for snacks every half hour. What a relief! —Genevieve, British Columbia

It’s been five months since our consultation and I wish I had known about this twenty years ago. It would have saved me so much suffering. My symptoms now are happiness, comfort, and an unbelievable peace of mind. —Jan, Oklahoma 

My high cholesterol, which I always believed was due to my genetics, has dropped 40 points in the three months since working with you. And my triglycerides are down too. —Joan, New Mexico

I now see the correlation between what I eat and how I feel and look. When I eat something that is not in agreement with my body–I get bloated, the color in my face drains away and it makes me fatigued.  —Kelly, Illinois

I have to tell you what a blessing your advice has been. In less than twenty-four hours after eliminating wheat I started to feel like a new person emotionally—the change in my mood and disposition has been amazing. I finally feel normal again. Then, on day six, I ate a dime-size piece of bread and that night my insomnia was back. So was my stuffy nose. My mood was horrible; everything made me mad, then I just sat on the couch, curled up in a ball, and cried. Finally the anger subsided, but I still feel exhausted. I wouldn’t have believed that a morsel of bread could cause all this.  —Wendy, Utah


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