Fats, Oils & Salt

Quality fats add great flavor, help us feel grounded and secure and are both energizing and warming. In the blogs below, you’ll learn which ones are right for cooking and which are healthiest used raw.

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  1. I’ve read your information on this site regarding oils. Unfortunately, I’m still unclear as to what oil(s) is safe to use at high temperatures, as in wok cooking. I can’t see how an unrefined avocado or coconut oil wouldn’t oxidize from the high heat of the wok…Please, can you suggest a few oils to use in a wok that wouldn’t oxidize at high temperatures? Thanks very much.

    • Yes, sources vary considerably. I’d go with the information that best discerns the difference between refined and unrefined oils. Good luck. I’ve presented the maximum heat for unrefined oils at the end of my Saturated Fat blog.

      • Since I don’t use a lot of oil in my pans when I saute or stir-fry, and I don’t deep-fry, how can I obtain an accurate temperature of the oil when I cook with it? If I use a thermometer, it will touch the pan, so won’t the reading be inaccurate because of this?

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