Seaweed is a true superfood and acts as a kind of magic superglue that gloms onto heavy metals and radioactive toxins. Its fiber (polysaccharides) bonds with these toxins so you can’t absorb them and then these “glued” toxins pass harmlessly through your stool.

If your thyroid is iodine deficient, it will absorb ambient radioactive iodine. By enjoying seaweed, your iodine requirements are fulfilled and thus you’re protected from absorbing radioactive iodine.

In addition to upping nutrition, sea veggies enhance the flavor of what they’re cooked with. They’re easy to use and tasty!

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  1. Hi Rebecca!

    I have a small question about spirulina. I have read that it is a “super food” and that one should take it every day for energy and doses of vitamin A and complete protein. I’m wondering if a person can overdose on all these supplements.

    I value your wisdom. Do you have any words of wisdom for me on this issue?

    Leslie Ann Farrar

    • Yes, spirulina is a “superfood” as are countless others. My book, The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia, lists the energetic properties of foods so that you can know which ones best suit your specific health concerns.

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