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6 Responses to Gluten-Free

  1. Just found you thanks to Dana Gerhardt told her I was confused about which gluten free diet to try…I liked the way Grain Brain by Dr. Permitted sounds…Have read several. Your
    Comments would be helpful.Dr.Hyman has a book…saw what you said about Wheat Belly and there is one called It starts With Food.Help!

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    I have been reading Wheat Belly by William Davis, M.D. and I am finding it a revelation. I had slid off a gluten free diet (during Thanksgiving) and was experiencing bad brain fog and tiredness, and now, two weeeks off gluten I am starting to feel better. What a relief! I cannot wait until my 90 days rolls around! Wheat really does affect my brain. I am sure you know about this book but would love to hear your thoughts. Blessings, Suzanne

    • Suzanne….nice to hear from you:) I agree with Dr. Davis that gluten is a huge problem for many people. However, I disagree with his formulaic approach. What’s critical is for each person to determine which (if any) foods are problematic for her. While Davis'”one diet fits all” plan might work for your neighbor, it might make you more sick. Here’s one example allergic responses to casein (milk protein) are mushrooming and casein is in cheese; so for a casein intolerant person, Davis’ plan would simply not work.

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