Dark Mouth Corners? Bring Back Healthy Color by Adjusting Your Diet

When you gaze at a mouth that’s gray, pale, purple or bluish at the corners, you can feel a sense of an energetic withdrawal. Simply put, discolored lips don’t look so kissable. No matter the natural hue of your lips, uniform color is a gage of health. In this blog, we’ll focus on dark mouth corners, as we’ll see in the first two photos below.

Dark Mouth Corners
Dark Mouth Corners

Lip gloss sells because we’re drawn to rosy lips; they magnetize and convey vitality. People with a fair complexion, have no melanin in their lips, which gives visibility to the blood in the capillaries just under the skin, making their lips appear pink. In people with a darker complexion and more melanin, the blood doesn’t show through to color their lips.

In a Victorian dressing room, according to novels of the time, the heroine would make a final adjustment to her sash or tresses, bite her lips to heighten their color, and then enter the ballroom. Moving from romance to functionality, lip color reflects how well our digestive process is transforming food into the precursors of red blood cells. When this process is optimum, when our blood is strong, we’re strong and our lips glimmer with a uniformly healthy hue.

Dark Mouth Corners

Below is a before and after photo sequence of a Swedish client, I’ll call her Katrina, with dark mouth corners. She came to me with the following health concerns: “acne and redness on nose, cheeks and chin; burnout at work; and cold hands and feet, probably due to Raynaud’s syndrome [from which 20% of Scandinavians suffer].”

In her Face Reading Report, I made dietary suggestions addressed to her specific needs. One of those was to favor warm and cooked foods over chilled and raw foods and packaged snack foods. I encouraged her to read my blogs: Warming Foods, When Best NOT to Eat Melon and Vegetables—Best Raw or Cooked?

After trying my diet recommendations for eight days, she wrote that she was really struggling, deeply fatigued and feeling very raw and brittle. She wondered if she should immediately stop the diet.

Unfortunately, some people feel worse before they feel better, especially if there’s a so-called carb flu, or Herxheimer reaction. This appeared to be Katrina’s situation, so I encouraged her to continue with the diet, read about Herxheimer reactions, and to send a photo so I could point out positive changes in her face.

Fast Results

A week later, I was delighted to receive her report and a new photo.

15 Days Later
15 Days Later

“I’m now on day 15 of your diet and, as you predicted, after day 10 it got a lot better! My face isn’t so red, I’ve less acne and I’m feeling more at ease and positive. And I can not imagine going back to cold food again.”

While acne and burnout were on her radar, dark mouth corners were not. So while we can also see that there’s less red in her face, what’s lovely is how quickly her lips are regaining a healthy color. Just look at her pinked up corners!

Discolored Lips? Pink them Up!

Should you have chronic digestive issues, then like the proverbial canary in the coal mine, your lips are a visual callout. If a glance in the mirror shows wan mouth corners or overall lip color, that’s an invitation to upgrade your diet. One way to do so is to enjoy more cooked, warming and easy-to-digest foods.

Here’s how to start. Take a selfie and keep a two-column log of everything you eat and drink for 24 hours. In one column tally all the straight-from-the-package and straight-from-the-fridge foods and beverages; in the second column list the warm, freshly prepared foods.

Better yet, go for broke. Read the blogs cited above and make a four-column log filling in the first two columns as described. In the third column, track all the foods that are naturally cooling in their thermal nature (like cucumbers, lettuce and citrus). In the fourth column, list foods that are more warming (like garlic, chicken and winter squash). Assess and adjust your diet according to your specific needs.

If your diet, like Katrina’s original diet and the diets of so many people today, includes lots of salads, smoothies, nuts, yogurt, sandwiches, cold leftovers, packaged snacks and tropical fruits, then balance it out. In two weeks, take a second selfie and compare the two side by side. Be ready to be astounded at the difference. Give this a try, and in the Comments section below, let us know your results.

Of course, favoring freshly prepared and warm foods, especially in the winter, is one facet of a healthy diet but not the whole tiara. I urge you to remove all ingredients that challenge your digestion, as did Katrina. If you’d like help identifying them, it will be my pleasure to offer it in a Face Reading Report.

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