Sanpaku Eyes Revel Low Kidney Energy According to Chinese Face Reading

 Sanpaku—or “Three Whites”—Eyes Reflect Kidney Health

Just as a sparkle in the eye reveals zestful energy, a highly placed iris reveals low kidney energy according to Face Reading. When a person looks straight ahead and the white sclera shows underneath the colored iris, this is called sanpaku (a Japanese term meaning three whites) as illustrated below. Typically the iris is centered with the top and bottom touching the upper and lower eyelids respectively. Being sanpaku is a red flag, unless you’re elderly, for it reveals depleted kidneys and compromised vitality.

Sanpaku--White Sclera shows on Threes Sides of Colored Iris
Sanpaku–White Sclera shows on Threes Sides of Colored Iris

Not to panic if you can see white sclera under your iris. It means that your kidney qi invites support. To regain your innate groundedness, pamper those kidneys. I’ve done so with a diet and lifestyle upgrade and I’ve watched many clients accomplish the same. In the Before and After Photos blog, you can see clients who have accomplished this. When I had advanced invasive cervical cancer in 1989, my left eye was decidedly sanpaku. What a wake-up call that 20 years as a vegetarian had not served me well! I changed my diet, regained my health, and have remained cancer free with only two whites, with my sclera showing only on the sides of each iris.

Sanpaku Abraham Lincoln
Both of Lincoln’s eyes display Three Whites

Lincoln was Sanpaku

At age 54, two years prior to his death, both of Abraham Lincoln’s eyes were sanpaku, showing three white sides per iris. In contrast we see on the right that 67-year-old Lillian’s irises remain firmly seated. Her two whites per iris display that her kidney energy and vitality remain strong. Comparing Lincoln to Lillian, who looks the most spunky? Indeed, with proper care, we can maintain core, rooted energy through the decades.

The two whites eyes of this senior display vitality
Lillian’s Two Whites Reflect Overall Strong Kidney Qi

According to Chinese Face Reading, the eyes reveal information about the functioning of both the kidneys and the liver. Sanpaku is a facial indicator for kidney energy. Whereas if the eyes bulge out showing three or even four “whites,” this denotes a liver imbalance. Bulging–even protruding–eyes give a false appearance of sanpaku. (An unrelated diagnostic tool, iridology, reads the patterns and colors of the irises.)

Sanpaku Eyes Reveal Qi and Kidney Energy

The position of the iris reflects one’s kidney chi or life force. That’s why a newborn with untapped vital energy to serve a lifetime shows white sclera above the iris. It’s as if the sun is just rising. Indeed there are “three whites,” but in the case of white above the iris, it shows abundant energy.

While 29-year-old Karl is not sanpaku, he’s pushing it, as you can almost see white sclera under his irises. With appropriate lifestyle and diet changes, he can rebuild his core energy and regain his kidney qi, and then his irises will settle down more deeply into his eye sockets. Note how the energy in Karl’s eyes appears less grounded than does Lillian’s in the photo above.

Eyes display less "grounded" energy
Borderline Sanpaku

Incidentally, I disagree with the “fortune-telling” aspect of Face Reading associating sanpaku with a violent death. Practically speaking, sanpaku indicates that the root–or kidney–energy is shallow. See it as an invitation to regroup and rebuild your qi.

So what to do if your energy is more up and out than you wish it to be? Identify what you’re doing that compromises your health, especially your kidney health. Desist from those habits and enjoy a diet and lifestyle that enables you to heal. My multiple blogs offer free support. My ebook Read Your Face will walk you through it, or if you’d like assistance, it would be my pleasure to do so with a Face Reading Report.

4 Responses to Sanpaku Eyes Reveal Low Energy

  1. Mine are a bit sanpaku. I was looking at old childhood photos and my eyes look so much more grounded. I wonder what happened? Nice to know it can be reversed.

    • Definitely you can reverse this (unless you’re on your deathbed). Your optimum diet and lifestyle are the keys. Good luck!

    • You’re right, sanpaku can generally be changed unless, probably, you’re in your late 80s. But it will take some work to ground your energy and support your kidneys. Odds are that you’ll need to shift both your diet and lifestyle choices. If you want specific help, I’ll be glad to do so in a Face Reading consultation. Good luck!

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