Here are natural remedies to help you glide through menopause. The strategies I discuss below can help shift uncomfortable hot flashes toward mild and enjoyable ripples of energy.

As a woman’s ovaries retire from active production around the age of 50, her body’s hormone production adjusts. Just as puberty signaled an increase in estrogen hormones, menopause signals a decrease. There may be discomforts associated with the changes in your body during this time.

However, it’s also an opportunity to discover and claim the power of the second half of life. And this doesn’t mean that you’ll lose your sexual drive; on the contrary, many women experience increased sexual pleasure during and after menopause. In fact, increasing your sexual activity may lessen the flashes.

Menopause can become a time to discover new energy, a freer self and deeper wisdom within. Use this transition to go deeper. You’re no longer monthly out-pouring your physical blood (energy), so find new ways of turning within and deeply nurturing yourself. Enjoy your own good company. Keep your energy contained and centered. Where are the energy “leaks” or drains in your life? Examine your overall life and determine what areas require adjustment. In general, the ease of the transition depends upon your overall health—emotional, physical and mental.

Enjoy a nutritionally balanced diet of freshly prepared whole foods. Foods high in plant estrogens (phytoestrogens) will help buffer the drop of your body’s estrogen production. These foods include soy, yam, flaxseeds, pomegranates and dates. Especially with soy, however, it’s critical to favor traditionally prepared, organic soy products such as tempeh and miso.

Extreme hot flashes suggest that you are over consuming inflammatory foods. Favoring non-inflammatory foods will mitigate your hot flashes.

Lastly, consider seeking the support of a qualified acupuncturist, herbalist or homeopathist to assist you in achieving a comfortable and healthy balance in your body.

May you be well nourished,

Rebecca Wood

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