Honey-Preserved Blossom Spread

Honey is a preservative and can be flavored with any organic, edible blossom. The blossom imbues the honey with its flavor essence and essential oils. Just as blossoms delight our eye and spirit, eating a blossom concentrate imparts a sense of well-being and uplifted energy.

For flavor and aroma, strawberry blossom spread is my favorite. For color and delight, wild purple violet spread is unbeatable. Dandelion blossom spread has an uplifting sunny energy and mellow, pleasing flavor. I often, however, make a blend of which ever edible blossoms are at hand. For information on edible flower blossoms, see my book The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia.

I recommend using local, unpasteurized honey. Some healthcare experts observe that consuming local honey may decrease the allergic response for people with pollen allergies. While I generally prefer dark-colored honey because it is highest in nutrients and flavor; for this recipe, flowers look flashier in a light-colored honey.

 Makes: approximately 1 cup

2 cup dandelion blossoms or other edible flower heads
1 cup honey

Gently rinse flowers and blot dry. Remove stems. With large flower heads, such as dandelions, calendula or apple blossoms, remove the petals and discard the flower heads. For flowers with minute heads, like lilacs, violets or rosemary, remove only the stems. Place honey in a jar and stir in blossoms. Cover tightly and set aside at room temperature, stir after 24 hours. Ready to use after 3 days. Spread on toast, waffles or muffins. Do not refrigerate. Lasts indefinitely.

May you be well nourished,

Rebecca Wood

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