Diet Consultation

If you are ready for a diet that works, look no further. Or, perhaps you suspect having a food sensitivity. With a personalized healing diet, you can enjoy fully satisfying meals and reach your health and weight goals. You will track your progress with several powerful tools. This direct feedback enables you to experientially know, within your core, when and why your diet works for you.

Helping people realize their own healing diet is what Rebecca Wood has been doing for over 40 years. It will be her pleasure to assist you.

Achieve your dietary goals and realize your own healing diet! Below, read what others say about consulting with Rebecca.

Upon request, receive a recording of Telephone Consultations (recordings are not available on Skype).

Basic Diet Consultation, $95
* 45-minute telephone or Skype consultation
* Asses diet & strategize a better eating plan
* Personalized Menu and Meal Planing

Diet Consultation with Face Reading, $145 
* 1-hour telephone Consultation
* Asses diet & strategize a better eating plan
* Personalized Diet Guidelines & Menu Planning
* eMail Exchange Follow-up

Gift Giving
Surprise a family member or friend with a Diet Consultation!

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Watch Rebecca at work doing  a Diet and Facial Diagnosis in this short video


For the first time in a long time I feel good after breakfast and am not hungry again until noon. I’m not tired after meals. My sugar cravings are easier to control. And it’s the same for my four-year-old. She is not asking for snacks every half hour. What a relief! —Genevieve, British Columbia

It’s been five months since on your diet and I wish I had known about this twenty years ago. It would have saved me so much suffering. My symptoms now are happiness, comfort, and an unbelievable peace of mind. —Jan, Oklahoma

After three months of feeling so much better following your advice we visited family at Thanksgiving and my diet fell apart. There I was again, up in the middle of the night with severe pain, nervous and crotchety during the day, and with that horrible memory fog.  Too high a price for a slice of pumpkin pie.  —Angela, Tennessee 

My high cholesterol, which I always believed was due to my genetics, has dropped 40 points in the three months since working with you. And my triglycerides are down too. —Joan, New Mexico

I’m proud to say that, with ease, I’ve accomplished your 21-day program. From the logs I was surprised to see that my diet had been mostly carbohydrates, so now I’m eating balanced meals. While there’s still some bloating, I no longer look six months pregnant! I feel ready to take the next step of introducing suspect foods slowly and cautiously. —Linda, Australia

After just three days of eating according to your plan I found I had stamina, strength, and clarity of thought. I realized that I’d been malnourished for years and didn’t even know —Steve, Texas

I am still following your diet recommendations and I have lost ten pounds and feel very good. There are times when I have gone off, only to discover how unhealthy and unpleasant it left me feeling. So there you go! I can’t imagine eating any other way.  —Louise, Nova Scotia

I have to tell you what a blessing your advice has been. In less than twenty-four hours after eliminating wheat and dairy I started to feel like a new person emotionally—the change in my mood and disposition has been amazing. I finally feel normal again. Then, on day six, I ate a dime-size piece of bread and that night my insomnia was back. So was my stuffy nose. My mood was horrible; everything made me mad, then I just sat on the couch, curled up in a ball, and cried. Finally the anger subsided, but I still feel exhausted. I wouldn’t have believed that a morsel of bread could cause all this.  —Wendy, Utah




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