Diet Consultation with Face Reading

For over 40 years, I’ve offered dietary consultations to help people identify and resolve underlying physiological imbalances. I use Asian Facial Diagnoses to help people see this for themselves.

Then by addressing “root” causes with a wholesome and customized diet, you can regain your health and energy. It works.

“How will this help me?”
In our consultation, while you’re looking at your photo on your computer screen, I’ll show you how to “read” what your face reveals about your health. We’ll identify your strengths as well as those functions needing support. You’ll understand root causes of your health problems.

We’ll then map out a realistic dietary plan to build your health. You’ll track your gains in the mirror, by your increased well being and in your Wellness Log.

“How many appointments will this take?”
I’ll provide you with all the tools you need in one appointment. In a follow-up session (optional) we’ll fine tune your diet and compare your “before” and “after” photos so that you can better track even the subtle changes.

“Will I need to buy pricy supplements or meal replacements?”
No! You’ll never again need to purchase gimmicky products or resort to dietary extremes. You daily balanced meals will both delight and satisfy you and be preventative medicine. Think of the money you’ll save.

“Will I still crave chocolate?”
When you’re well nourished, you are satisfied and cravings stop. We’ll figure out what was throwing your system off and how to bring it back into balance. This new way of eating will serve you for the rest of your life.

“How soon can I get started?”
Easily purchase and book an appointment below or, if you prefer, fill out a Diet Consultation Contact Form. I’ll promptly respond. You’ll then fill out a Consultation Packet and we’ll find a mutually convenient Skype Video or telephone time.

$145 Basic Diet Consultation* includes:
* 60 minute telephone Consultation, Face Reading, Meal Planing and an email exchange follow-up. Upon request, receive a recording of Telephone Consultations (recordings are not available on Skype).

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Watch Rebecca at work doing facial diagnosis in this short video

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