10 Common Questions about Face Reading

What is Face Reading?
Over the centuries, the Chinese developed an extremely sophisticated diagnostic system by reading outer physical signs such as the face. Yes, it’s true, when you know what to look for, your face gives a readout of what’s going on inside your body. For example, discoloration above the mouth indicates challenged digestion. The off color–be it white, yellow, red, blue or green–provides specific information about the cause and the resolution.

How do I have my face read?
You can do it yourself—simply read these blogs and/or my eCourses and then look in the mirror.  Or with the purchase of a Face Reading Report, I will evaluate your photo and health history and email you a comprehensive analysis of what your face reveals along with diet and lifestyle recommendations.

I’m nervous about finding out another thing that’s “wrong” with me. Will this just add to my worries?
This is a win/win process. If, for example, you’re concerned about irregularly colored lips, you learn what that signifies and the steps to remedy it. Next you implement appropriate lifestyle shifts and delight as your lips regain a uniform and healthy color.

How does Face Reading for Health differ from other styles of Face Reading?
Contemporary Face Reading primarily looks at facial patterns to foretell relationship, wealth and personality concerns. Traditional Chinese Face Reading shows you how facial signs (like dark circles under your eyes) reveal specific information about your overall energy. As a Diet Counselor specializing in Face Reading for Health, I’ll provide you with diet and lifestyle guidelines to stabilize your health and, in the process, to regain your innate beauty.

Will I need to buy pricey supplements or meal replacements?

Absolutely not—gimmicky products and extreme diets are not a part of the program! Your best medicine is a healthy lifestyle and tasty and whole foods meals targeted for your condition. Healing is that elementary.

Can I read other people’s faces?
The eCourses train your eye to read faces and give the tools to regain balance, While this is an invaluable skill for everyone, it is of special value to health care practitioners, parents and caregivers.

Will I still have food cravings?
When your diet and lifestyle are right for you, then your daily meals fully satisfy and cravings stop. What a relief it is to enjoy chocolate, but not compulsively!

Will Face Reading address my chronic health issues?
Our bodies are hardwired to heal, and when they have what they need, our energy builds and our weight self-regulates.

How soon can I get a Face Reading Report?
Purchase now and you’ll immediately receive your Consultation Packet. Fill it out, return it to me and I’ll generate and email your report within a week for you to read on the device of your choice or to print out. If you have further questions about getting started, fill out a Contact Form and I will respond via email.

What does a Face Reading Report include?
With most diets you monitor your success by watching the bathroom scale. With a Face Reading Report you have new tools to make profound and lasting changes, they include:

  1. Your photo with a numbered annotation by each of your facial indicators
  2. What each annotation signifies and how it corresponds to your current health issues
  3. Dietary and lifestyle suggestions to gain desired results

What does a Face Reading Report with Added Coaching include?

It includes everything in the Face Reading Report (see above) plus:

  1. Before and After photo series
  2. A Symptom Questionnaire to track your starting point and your progress.
  3. Targeted dietary and lifestyle suggestions