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I envision a world in which all beings are well-nourished. As that can only happen with one person at a time, it’s my sincere aspiration that you are that person. May you feast on a healthy diet and be utterly satisfied. May the information I share on these pages help you thrive.

Face reading is an invaluable tool to help you discern and implement the diet that best builds your health and energy. (See my Face Reading background here.)

I thank you for your interest and support.



Since becoming the first food editor of The East West Journal in 1971, Rebecca Wood has remained at the forefront of the holistic health movement. She melds traditional Chinese medical diagnostics and the energetic properties of food with Western nutrition and common sense food information with a focus on face reading. Her The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia has been in continuous print for 32 years and The Splendid Grain won both the Julia Child (IACP) and James Beard Cookbook Awards. For 18 years her web page has been offering an abundance of whole foods recipes and core health information. Rebecca currently resides in the mountains outside of Ashland, Oregon near her daughters and grandchildren

About my collaborator 

Let me describe how Leda Scheintaub and I have pulled together for the past twenty years. I send finished copy to Leda. She adjusts commas, fixes spelling and grammar—the typical work you’d expect from an editor. But beyond that she challenges my assumptions and makes suggestions based on her formidable culinary experience. And she can polish an awkward phrase into sheer poetry. Leda claims she learns from me, and I certainly learn from her. Thank you, Leda.


Leda Scheintaub
Leda Scheintaub

Leda Scheintaub’s culinary career was born on the day she was assigned the second edition of Rebecca Wood’s New Whole Foods Encyclopedia while working as a managing editor at Penguin Books. The two immediately bonded and a career shift that included enrolling in the Natural Gourmet Institute’s Chef’s Training Program and eventually becoming a cookbook author was set in motion.

Leda has collaborated with Rebecca on a number of projects, including The Whole Bowl: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Soups and Stewsand she serves as an editorial consultant on Rebecca’s website. Leda is the author of Cultured Foods for Your Kitchen: 100 Recipes Featuring the Bold Flavors of FermentationHere’s a gorgeous YouTube preview of this book, Leda regularly works with celebrities and TV show producers to help put their visions onto the printed page. She is also the co-owner, with her husband, Nash Patel, of Dosa Kitchen, a farm to truck South Indian eatery based in southern Vermont. The two are working on the Dosa Kitchen cookbook, to be published by Clarkson Potter in 2018.