Resources–Face Reading and Today’s Changing Faces

A Diagnostic Art

To appreciate what your face reveals, let’s look at this centuries-old art and its relevance to today’s changing faces. Face reading, along with tongue and pulse diagnosis, enables an acupuncturist to assess a person’s inner organ functions and treat accordingly. In its precision, it is comparable to modern equipment like an MRI scan. But it uses a different paradigm.

Here’s an example from one of numerous academic sources. When a yellow color appears on the face its significance depends upon various factors including: location, clarity, color intensity (from pale yellow to orange-yellow). Also the tone of the yellow skin is assessed to see if it is moist, sallow, swollen or withered looking. Giovanni Maciocia in The Foundations of Chinese Medicine, reports “A clear and moist yellow colour in between the eyebrows indicates that the Stomach-Qi is recovering after an illness affecting the Stomach and Spleen.” How’s that for detail!

Today’s Popular Face Reading Resources

In addition to medical texts there are more popular book such as Face Reading in Chinese Medicine by Lillian Bridges which has one chapter on facial indicators and their corresponding inner organs. Her primary focus is, however, discerning one’s personality, spirituality and wealth potential.

Besides Bridges, a few other writers draw from Chinese tradition such as Jean Hanner, The Wisdom of Your Face. However the bulk of popular face reading resources in print and on line focus primarily on spirituality or pop psychology.

Western Studies Noting Shifts in Contemporary Faces

Two newer face studies are fascinating. In the 1930s a dentist, Westin A. Price, made a photographic record showing how a diet with refined foods alters the jaw structure. Price traveled the globe to compare elders who were raised on a traditional diet with their children who were eating white sugar, flour and refined oils. His dramatic photos illustrate the negative impact that foods can have on health and appearance. Check them out at

Are You Crooked? includes a photographic comparison of faces from the last century with contemporary faces. While today’s faces commonly display crooked smiles and strabismus (lazy eye), these features are rarely found a few generations ago. Forrest Maready, the author, theorizes that immunization side effects are literally changing our faces. His book and YouTube presentation, Are Your Crooked? offer compelling a compelling case.

Face Reading for Health Today

As I’ve read faces over these past decades, it became apparent that the historical model didn’t always apply. Just as today’s food staples and environment are dissimilar from 100 years ago, so some of our subtle facial features are dissimilar. Yes, we still have the basics–two eyes and one nose! But there are shifts.Today we see an increasing loss of tone in the eyelids, lack of definition between the lips and surrounding skin, and that overall face and neck color often vary in hue.

Now here’s what’s exciting. With targeted lifestyle upgrade, faces regain an even complexion and become more toned. Using before and after photos, I track my clients’ transformations.  I know of no one else using this approach. (If you do comparable work, please be in touch and let’s compare our findings.)

Try this out for yourself. Take a photo, make the lifestyle shifts that you believe will help (or access my various resources for suggestions) then take a follow-up photo. Viva la difference!