Recovery Clothing Helps Healing

New Fabric Supports Healing

Want to tap in to your body’s own healing energy? Change your clothes! Wearing clothing made with a new type of fabric can actually promote healing from within. This fabric is imbued with ceramic (yes, you read that right!) and emits far infrared (FIR) healing properties. Far infrared or thermal radiation is a band of electromagnetic energy that, like the sun, our bodies naturally emit. So when you wear FIR (available from Under Armour, 32 Degrees, L.L. Bean and others) clothing next to your skin, these ceramic particles absorb your own natural energy and heat emissions and return them back to you.

That means the ceramic content in, for example, infrared pajamas will radiate back to you your very own warmth and energy and keep you cozy at night. It’s rather like encasing yourself in a subtle heater. The ceramic in the fiber returns your own beneficial thermal radiation.  But if those PJs are cotton, silk, or another fiber, then your infrared energy escapes. For the greatest energy return, wear infrared clothing that is close fitting and in direct contact with the skin.

How Infrared Clothing Works

Why is it good to have your own thermal radiation returned back to you? The National Center for Biotechnology Information observes that while the far infrared wavelength is not visible to our eyes, our body experiences its “energy as a gentle radiant heat which can penetrate up to 1.5 inches (almost 4 cm) beneath the skin.” As FIR increases circulation, it helps with arthritis, athletic recovery, inflammation, carpal tunnel syndrome, Raynaud’s disease, menstrual cramps, and more. It even supports weight loss.

Temperature Makes a Difference

Consider that our bodies thrive best when we’re at 98.6°F and in moderate temperatures, typically 70 to 72°F (or, when sleeping, 65 to 68°F). Our metabolism then cruises along on maintenance, with our energy available for other functions from folk dancing to writing a sonnet. But if your room is hot or cold, then, like a thermostat, your metabolism shifts into overdrive to maintain your ideal temperature. Infrared clothing helps support your metabolism in cold conditions or when there is an energy blockage.

If you have a circulation issue, cold extremities, tend to feel chilled, or just want to warm up on a brisk morning, consider infrared clothing. The heat and energy gain is subtle but enough to notice.

Besides Ceramics, What Is Infrared Material Made Of?

Polyester fibers are impregnated with FIR-emitting nanoparticles and microparticles. They are so microscopic that the term “ceramics” is not included in the fabric label. I’ve asked several producers of infrared clothing what the ceramic content and ceramic percentage is, and the answer is “proprietary.”

 FIR Cookware

On a separate but similar note, ceramic cookware emits FIR, resulting in tastier and more healthful foods. That’s why, for decades now, I’ve favored and recommended ceramic cookware.

5 Responses to Infrared Clothing Enhances Your Energy

  1. On a subtle or maybe not so subtle level I wonder if the infrared clothing would assist with some detoxification and water structuring in the body in the same but less intense way that full infrared saunas do. In a super perfect world I would want to ground anyone wearing tight polyester since it I suspect it retains some electricity that is not natural to us. Microfiber polyester sheets for example are extremely static-y when compared to cotton sheets. – Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  2. Is it possible that wearing infrared clothing will help relieve 20 years of night sweats caused by menopause? I don’t eat sugar or caffeine and I’ve never used alcohol.

    • Charie, There are no “magic bullets” be it a superfood or infrared clothing. One of largest impacts on our health is our daily diet. I’m confident that the right-diet-for-you will address your night sweats. And infrared clothing may provide additional ease. Good luck. And if you wish direction, consider a diet consultation with me.

  3. Very interesting Ms.Wood, I’ve suffered with lower back issues for 17 years and now after 5 surgeries, I’m feeling a little better. Will this new infrared clothing help me feel better? Thank you

    • Gaston, infrared clothing supports recovery as it increases body warmth and energy and so enhances circulation. To the degree it will support your recovery, I could only surmise. Good luck.

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