Having My Life Back

I am feeling phenomenally better since you read my face! The difference is amazing. I accidentally added a trigger ingredient to my chicken and instantly knew something was wrong. I felt sick, got cramps and became bloated. I hadn’t realized how the food I had been eating was making me sick. Thanks again for giving me my life back. — Michele Bailey, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Happy to Have Your Guidance

Thank you for my report, which I found very touching. It is a wonderful thing to be seen, especially when the seeing is both perceptive and compassionate.  I am really so happy to have your guidance . . . and to truly nourish myself for the first time in my life.  —Liz Butt., Fa, France

Your Report Helps Me Look At, and Understand, Myself

It’s comforting that even though you see the rash around my eyes, you also see my strength and the sparkle in my eyes. Your knowledge of what my face shows helps me understand what my body has been going through. This helps me look at myself and know that it’s time to heal. Now I know how to proceed. [Two weeks later.] It’s now two weeks since I started your program and the rash around my eyes has disappeared. I feel immense improvement in my stamina and my hands and feet are less numb. Best of all I’m not in pain all over! I am truly amazed at the difference. And I love parsnips, where have they been all my life! My heartfelt thanks.– Laryn Bryan,  Perry, OH

Delighted to Be in This Body

Diet Resolved Jackhammer Snoring

I’ve lost weight, and have better digestion and more energy in the morning. Now my husband is also eating this way and has dramatically reduced heartburn. Best of all – he doesn’t snore anymore! We had no idea his jackhammer snoring (that kept me awake for years) was food-related! I can’t tell you how nice it is to sleep in near silence through the night. Thank you! –Andrea G., Valley Center, CA

The Wisdom of Your Diagnostic Skills

Thank you for your Face Reading Report. I appreciate the care in your words and acute attention to detail delivered in an accessible and compassionate manner. The wisdom of your years shines through, not only in your diagnostic skills but in the crafting of the whole document. Much gratitude!  Audrey K., Boulder, CO

Kidneys Healing Nicely

I have good news about my kidney tests. For two years I had blood in my urine, my creatinine was too high (1.5) and my GFR was low (41). In the two months since your first Report I’ve upgraded my diet, exercise more and my creatinine has dropped to almost normal (1.26), my GFR is up to 52 (60 is target) and there’s no more blood in my urine (smile). Thank you, I value the information in my Face Readings.Avis Lyons, Lafayette, LA

I Love Tracking Progress through Photos of My Face

I’m having great results on your elimination diet and I love being able to track my progress through photos of my face. My husband has watched me get so much better that he is placing an order for his own reading! S.Sandberg, Portland, Oregon

So Quickly Feeling Improvement

Your report brought together all the bits and pieces of information about my health. I didn’t know it was possible to feel improvement so quickly. The most noted change is that my appetite has returned. Thank you for the comprehensive information and the tools to make a change. Dana B., Silver City , NM

Symptoms Resolved

It’s nine months since you read my face and about 80 to 90% of all my symptoms are resolved. A BIG THANK YOU – I am definitely a more healthy and happy person. Radul Radulov, London, UK

Feeling Drastically Better

Thanks for your Face Reading Report. I feel really good about how drastically better I’ve been. I’d felt sick for so long, and it feels good to start seeing positive change.  —Anita C. (age 18), NY, NY

Face Reading Works!


I had a diet consultation with you over a year ago and I haven’t had the flu or a cold since. Amazing. I am happy to report that dairy and wheat are not a regular part of my diet and I don’t even crave them! —Diane,  New York

Enjoying My Second Year of Good Health

The diet you put me on two years ago works. Today I don’t have any mucus come up when I go to the gym and I feel better than I have in years. My hemorrhoids are completely gone. I’m glad to have finally fixed the health problems that had plagued me for the last 10 years!  I really want to thank you so much for your help; it has truly changed my life.  —Yadidha G., Colorado

The Changes are Visible

I am very satisfied with my Report, your diagnosis, diet and other suggestions. It is of great value to know what my face reflects, and understand its relation to my inner body. I am feeling better than ever with less emotional hunger and craving episodes. The changes are visible (and I am eager for more). It is curious how I used to think that I was born with inner health conditions and nothing could be changed. —Joana M., Portugal

Improved Sleep and Tinnitus

I’m happy to say that my sleep is improving gradually and so it my tinnitus. —Martin J., England

Face Reflects How Good I’m Feeling

I appreciated your second report confirming my progress. Friends and family notice that my face looks better and I feel good from inside—lighter and more confident and positive than ever. I did slip a little on the holidays, but now that my habits are settled, food hasn’t been such an issue. I’ve learned a lot about my body’s processes and am hearing its signals better. How wonderful to have this knowledge about how food affects my system and my well-being, and how I have the power to affect deep changes!  —JVF, Mozambique

More Productive at Work

I cannot believe how the skin above my eyelids has changed so much in just seven days—it’s not nearly so puffy. And overall I look and feel much more healthy. On top of that, I’ve been in a great mood and more focused and productive at work.  —Susan C., Massachusetts

Normal Blood Sugar

It is two weeks since our consultation, and the changes are dramatic. The discolored skin by my eyes is lighter and my blood sugar is better. It used to average 140 after a meal but it’s now a healthy normal of 105!   —Jerry B., Beaverton, Oregon

Rebecca’s Consultation–Thorough, Supportive and Inspiring

My consultation with Rebecca Wood felt like a start of an important change. She was so thorough, supportive and inspiring that it wasn’t difficult to change to the new diet. The most unexpected benefit is how quickly it began to work—within three days I felt so much better and started to enjoy my meals the way I used to as a child. The biggest change in my face is in my lips—they have color! Who needs lipstick? I am very grateful and hope that many people benefit from Rebecca’s wisdom and experience. —Tatjana K., Colorado

Written On My Face

My previously agonizing insides are completely soothed and I am feeling totally transformed. Now I can look into a mirror and see what’s going awry. It’s written right there on my face for anyone to see—if one only knows what to look for. —Michael S., Georgia

No Longer Tired after Meals

For the first time in a long time I feel good after breakfast and am not hungry again until noon. I’m not tired after meals. And it’s the same for my four-year-old. She is not asking for snacks every half hour. What a relief! —Genevieve R., British Columbia

My Symptoms Now Are: Happiness, Comfort and Peace of Mind

It’s been five months since our consultation, and I wish I had known about this twenty years ago. It would have saved me so much suffering. My symptoms now are happiness, comfort, and an unbelievable peace of mind. —Jan H., Oklahoma 

Seeing the Connection Between Diet and How I Feel and Look

I now see the correlation between what I eat and how I feel and look. When I eat something that is not in agreement with my body, I get bloated, the color in my face drains away and it makes me fatigued.  —Kelly G., Chicago, Illinois

Notes You Made on My Face

Thank you for your report! I appreciate it very much and am following your recommendations. I agree completely that I am not assimilating my food. The notes you made on my face and discussion of those signs are very helpful indicators to watch for healing. —Miraya M., Whidby Island, Washington

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