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Your Face?

Do you have an acquired facial characteristic that bothers you? Perhaps discoloration above your mouth or below your eyes? Understand its root cause; then resolve it with targeted lifestyle adjustments.

Award-winning author and diet counselor Rebecca Wood helps people feel and look their best through Face Reading. Yes, you can regain your inner glow.

10 Common Questions about Face Reading

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Rebecca answers diet and health questions, bringing ancestral wisdom right into your kitchen.

Under Eye Problems: Naturally Resolve Dark Skin, Puffiness and/or Hollows

If there is discoloration, puffiness or hollows under your eyes, this gives you important information, as it signals an inner imbalance. Should you see any of these indicators, the following sketch and 8 photos will enable you to identify the root cause of your concern. And knowing what underlies the problem is a first step… Continue Reading

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