Holistic Health

To realize our fondest dreams, we all wish for vibrant health and abundant energy. To most elegantly and sustainably achieve this, a healthy diet and lifestyle are foundational.

Using food as medicine refers to far more than nutrients and micronutrients. Each food has its own gestalt and imparts a certain kind of energy. Herein you’ll learn how maximize a foods healing potential for your specific needs.

For your pleasure, here are a variety of healthy recipes. They use only whole, unprocessed ingredients and are quick and easy rather than fussy or pretentious. Well, all are relatively quick except the fermented dishes; they take a little time to set by but then they quietly ferment all by themselves. Enjoy!

If you have a health concerns, check out the health section for an abundance of discussion about health issues and their remedies with natural foods.. For example, there’s currently not a blog on hypothyroidism, but search “autoimmune” and you’ll find multiple blogs and recipes relevant for all autoimmune diseases including hypothyroidism.