Variable Skin Color Above Mouth

Blotchy or Discolored Skin Above The Mouth

Discolored skin above the mouth is a readout for digestive disorders. As the photos below show, when something is going on in your gut, the skin color surrounding your mouth announces it. Off-colors include white, yellow, red, blue, green or grey and each color suggests a different inner imbalance. Here’s how Chinese Face Reading takes the guesswork out of eating well.

A suntan notwithstanding, the skin on your face ideally is the same color as the rest of your torso. By examining color photos from before the 1950s and the advent of the modern diet, we see that people once had uniformly colored skin. See: Face Color Different than Neck Color. But look closely at the faces around you to see a veritable rainbow of subtle color variations. Blotchy skin and pigmentation irregularities around the mouth reveal digestive issues.

Pallette of Colors Above the Lip

While two of most common colors seen above the mouth are red and white, you’ll also see other colors that obscure the normal skin tone. Red indicates inflammation of the upper GI tract such as acid reflux, GERD and/or heartburn. The color white suggests malabsorption and food sensitivities. Here are some examples:

In the photo on the left, note the large white border above this client’s mouth that curve beyond the corners of her mouth. She reports having suffered from stomach problems since childhood. Look carefully, and you’ll also see pink skin above her lip, especially in the central region.

"Milk Moustache" plus Pink Above Lip
“Milk Moustache” plus Pink Above Lip
White Border Plus Red Discoloration Above Lip
White Border Plus Red Discoloration Above Lip







On the right, we see four distinct color zones stacked above this woman’s lip. Her primary complaints included GERD and IBS. As a first step, I urged her to go dairy free; she reported immediate relief.
1. There’s a thin white border that extends above the top lip.
2. A dark red zone lies above the white border.
3. The center (philtrum) is white.
4. Both sides of the philtrum are red/brown.

Green Skin Color above the Lip

When the color above the mouth is green, it suggests a challenged liver and digestion according to Chinese 5-Element medicine. We see this in the two following photos. Although the color is subtle on this 18-year old woman, she’d described her biggest issue as “…green skin around the mouth. I know it might not seem so in those photos, but it’s really very noticeable and has been since since I was 16.”  She suffered from multiple food sensitivities that challenged her whole digestive system.

Green Skin Color Above Top Lip
Green Skin Color Above Top Lip


Green Skin Color Around Mouth
Green Skin Color Around Mouth

When recovering from a tick bite a few years ago, the skin color around my mouth reflected the gastrointestinal drama. I felt green at the gills. In today’s photo below you’ll see the skin color around my lips is uniform and normal. Also my lips are similar in size, uniformly colored and have a clear definition. These features reveal healthy digestion and assimilation. Thanks be! Yes, I do have wrinkles around my mouth; they come with age:)

Normal color around lips
Normal Skin Color Around Lips

What is your above-the-lip skin color? If it’s different from the skin color on your torso, or if your lips lack uniform size and color and/or precise borders, it’s time to modify your diet. I freely provide such guidelines in my numerous blogs. With my eCourses, you’ll see how, and understand why, diet impacts facial characteristics. For personalized help identifying and implementing your optimum elimination diet, I’ll be delighted to read your face.

May all be well nourished,


171 Responses to The Skin Color Above Your Lip Reveals Digestive Issues

    • By all means share it so long as you link back to me. This is important information; thanks for helping to make it available.

  1. Hi there rebecca, a part of my bottom lip is lighter because when i was younger i used to peel my lips and now there is a part that is lighter, how can i darken it up again to make it look equal to the colour of the rest of my lip

    • I don’t see the correlation of peeling your lips in the past as causing the pigmentation to change. If you want your lips to have uniform color, I invite you to follow the links on my page for your DIY solutions.

  2. There is no color change on the outside of my lips but there is a reddish color change due to daily burning of the inside of my upper lip. This also leaves swellings that look like hives or mosquito bites which never go away. I have been through allergy testing and other tests but nothing positive has been identified as the cause. Could this be related to a digestive issue?

  3. Hi Rebecca, I am interested in consulting with you regarding lighter skin on my upper lip. One concern I have is regarding my current diet which is vegan and gluten-free due to several food intolerances. Before switching to a vegan and gluten-free diet, I had always been vegetarian. Please let me know if I will still have options under your diet plan.

    • Good questions, Amrita. If your current diet supports your health, you won’t have such discoloration. The odds are that you’ll need to eliminate something above and beyond gluten. What that might be, remains to be determined. Here’s what I can do: show you what your face is saying, make suggestions and then you discern your own path.

    • I wish I could tell you but knowing just this about you I’m not sure. I do know that a sign of good digestion is uniformly colored lips. If you care to explore this further, then with your photo and intake information, I can help you pinpoint the cause and discern the resolution.

  4. Hello
    The area above my mouth is really white in comparison to the rest of my face. It looks like i would have a white moustache, even in the winter when I am really pale you can see it.
    I have it almost a year and dont know what to do. Before I had never problems with this things.
    I would appreciate any help!

    • Larissa,
      I’m sorry to hear of your problem. In my numerous blogs on this topic, I give all the general information about this discoloration. My eCourses have in-depth info. And in a Consultation, I can then see what is out of balance in your system and give you specific guidelines for restoring normal color. Each situation is different; this is the best I can offer. I hope this helps.

  5. In your answers to all these people, why don’t you straightforwardly say that you do not give free advice or feedback?

    • I’d love to give someone the resolution to her problem in a few lines. However, it just doesn’t work that way. While discoloration above the lip is commonplace today, the cause and resolution of it varies widely from person to person. My blogs contain the basic information. But for me to tell you specifically what is causing your discoloration, I’d need to see your intake info and to have your photo.

      Regarding giving free advice: that’s what I do in over 200 blogs 🙂

  6. Hi.. my 20month old daughter has uneven upper lip color. Its divided horizontally into red and pale(upper half of the upper lip) and its a little dry. I dont know what could be the problem. Pls help.

    • This indicates she has digestive problems. Please, give her only warm, easy to digest foods and determine what foods she cannot tolerate. I’d be glad to assist in a consultation.

    • Skin irregularities around the mouth indicate digestive issues. To resolve them, clean up your diet. If you’d like assistance, I’m available for a Face REading report.

  7. I have greenish upper lip. I have more bad bacteria than good bacteria. I am on probiotics and diet. Please advise. Thank you.

    • If the diet you’re now on is right for you, the green will quickly resolve. If you wish help, I’m available for a Face Reading report or do it yourself with my ebook, Read Your Face.

  8. I have uneven looking lipline and white border on my lower lip,also there’s a white area below my bottom lip. I have been on an elimination diet for two months now. No sugar,no gluten, no dairy, no alcohol. But I see no difference in my face and now I don’t know how to proceed. I tried cutting out eggs also, but after two weeks I started to feel I get no protein from my diet. I’m a vegetarian and I don’t know how to proceed from here. I spend a month without coffee as well but I have introduced it back to my diet. I just don’t know how to proceed.

    • To answer you conclusively, I’d need to see your diet log and have your photo and intake form. But I’m concerned about your health–given how you describe your lips–and that you’re vegetarian. Dairy, grains and eggs are among the most problematic foods for people with digestive issues.

      • As for grains,is buckwheat a better option to use? This is a difficult situation since I feel my options on what to eat are getting less and less :(.

        • The relevant question is: are you assimilating buckwheat? It’s a great food. Yet, many people with autoimmune issues are unable to eat grains and pseudo-grains like buckwheat.

          • The concern you first wrote of: “uneven looking lipline and white border on my lower lip,also there’s a white area below my bottom lip.” clearly shows you have assimilation issues. It’s up to you to figure out which foods are problematic.

      • I’m sure you’ll understand that I can’t possibly know if quinoa is “good” for you. But with an elimination diet you’ll be able to determine for yourself the foods that best serve you. Enjoy the process and be patient with it.

        • Hi again and thanks for your help. I have been on plan C diet for a while, this is my third month. I’ kind of baffled with my assimilation issues, though. Sometimes my lips look better, sometimes worse, even during the same day and with similar foods eaten. Could there be something outside my digestion that contributes to this. And there’s one very positive thing I have noticed, the dark circles under my eyes I had for years have pretty much disappeared. I contribute that to my increased intake of leafy greens. So clearly I assimilate some vitamins.

          • Aum,
            That’s just great that your dark circles are gone. Good work. I wish I were psychic and could tell you why your lips remain variable. I’m not. My hunch is that while you’ve nailed most of your healing diet, there’s still a piece to uncover. By looking at your food log, photo and intake information, I can then give guidance in a Face Reading. Or it’s up to you to determine if you’ve developed a cross reactivity to a food or that you need to eliminate amines, salicylates, glutamines or to try an SIBO or FODMAPS diet. I do hope this helps.

        • I am not entirely clear what you mean when you say reduce consumption of cold foods. Is eating fresh fruit is ok? Fruit that’s kept in room temperature? I’m trying to have a lot of fruit in my diet, since I keep losing weight and that’s not what I want. I really hope I get this whole thing resolved soon, because it has greatly affected my life and ruined quite a few trips and social gatherings, not to mention several birthdays, including mine.


        • It seems that even if I try to eat the foods recommended in your book ( I love to cook so I create my own dishes)it keeps getting worse. My dark circles are mostly gone but recently I have developed all kinds of skin rashes and other things as well. This is frustrating, not knowing what it is that is actually bothering me. Like today, after my dinner my lips looked paler and bluer but few hours later they look pinker again.

          • Yes, it is frustrating when you shift your diet and only see some positive results. Skin rashes are typically an indicator that you need to further identify and eliminate a problematic ingredient. I wish I could help you resolve the issues in this note but I simply don’t have enough information. I’d need to see your photo, have your diet log and intake information. Good luck.

        • Something made me think that there might be some candida issues that are behind my problems. I did not think of it before since I have not had the typical symptoms but I did have something weird going with my skin last year and now it suddenly appered again. What kind of dier would you recommedn for geting candida under control? I have read about GAPs diet and I’m wondering if it’s any good, or would SIBO or FODMAP diet also deal with that issue?

          • In my experience, candida is simply a symptom of underlying imbalance. A candida diet removes the symptoms but as soon as you go off the diet, the symptoms return and so it doesn’t resolve root cause. To help you with root cause, consider my books, blogs and/or a Face Reading Consultation.

        • Dear Aum, I’m sorry to hear about your candida issue. Kindly understand that there’s no possible way I can advise you about your diet unless I have all your photo, history and full list of symptoms. When there are skin issues, then often there’s an issue with salicylates or amines. I wish you a full and speedy recovery.

          • If the diet you’re following isn’t bringing you the results you desire, then it’s prudent to explore further such as with a low salicylate diet.

  9. Hi…
    i’ve been suffering this white color around my mouth down to my chin..
    First, my problem started with my super dry lips and now my lips are well.. but my problem is this white color around my mouth..

    • I’m sorry for your discomfort and I’ll be glad to help you in one of several ways as per the links on this blog. All of which invite you to modify your diet to regain normal skin color.

  10. I have problem with my lower lip my upper lip is dark but lower lip is pinkish looks like it peel out of the skin.
    is has been like that several years so please can you help me out, thanks.

  11. Dear Rebecca,

    I’ve a got a problem. My upper lip is divided (horizontally) into two colors (dark brown opposed to pink) as well as my lower lip. It’s like my lip line is too dark than the rest of my whole outer lip. What should I do to remove this dark surrounding line?

  12. Hi admin! I’m 16 yrs old, asian and born brown-skinned. I know that the vermilion border of my lips will always be uneven to my entire (pinkish) lip because I’m not a Caucasian, but is there such a treatment or a remedy to atleast lessen the uneven tone? Thanks!

    • No matter one’s skin color, the vermillion border of the lips was historically precise as we can discern by looking at photos from a few decades ago.

      • Thank you for sending a reply so fast! So that means, the color of it will always be permanent and unchangeable? (Although I didn’t have this before as a child)

        • Hmmmm, I didn’t say that at all. Please see the accompanying links and blogs to help you discern how to regain the lip border you had as a child..

  13. Hello! I hope you can help me out.. I’ve went to several doctors but none of them take me seriously or try to find out what causes my problem. I am 22 years old and the red of my lips is dissapearing, so they get thinner and thinner. First one part of the lips gets white and then it becomes skin coloured. Like the red of my lips was never there. I really would appreciate it if you could help out! Thanks a lot!

      • Dear Rebecca,
        thank you so much for your new blog post!
        It really did clear up some questions that I had

        In your new blog post you wrote that dairy and gluten products can cause the problem with the white border of the lips. But I really rarely or never eat these kind of products…

        My other question was how can I determine to which foods I react allergic to? Can I do an allergy test for that?

        Thank you so much for your time!

        • You’re welcome. Unfortunately, allergy tests are notoriously inaccurate. The only way to know for sure is to do an elimination diet

          • Thank you very much Rebecca!
            I really do appreciate all of the work that you do to helps us from our struggle…
            I never thought of how food or the right diet could change ones overall feeling.
            But now I know better because of you!
            Thank you so much!
            If I feel that I can’t handle it on my own I will come back to you!

          • Dear Rebecca,
            I started an elimination diet. It has been day 4 for me and it has happened twice now that one of a sudden I felt super dizzy that even my head went down, without me having control over it…

            Am I doing something wrong or is this normal?
            Could it be that I am not having enough sugar?

            I would really appreciate it if you could help me out!

            Thank you in advance!

          • Dear Zoe,
            THanks for understanding that I cannot give medical advice. If you’re eating 3 meals a day, you’re getting plenty of “sugar.”

  14. I have 3 little bumps that look like these pictures when i pull my lips u can not see them but when my lips are sitting normal u can see them can u tell me if thats what this is and what can I do to get rid of them. They have been there for over 2 weeks they have not gotten worse or better.

    • It sounds digestive related and I’d know if I had more of your history. However, if you follow the active links in the last paragraph of this blog, you’ll find how to remedy the bumps.

  15. Dear Rebecca,

    Thanks for your clarification, will purchase your e book. Treating malabsorption can be tenuous at best. Thank you for providing the insight to manage our own health. All the very best to you, and you future clients 😉

    • You say, “treating malabsorption can be tenuous at best.” That’s not my experience. Once we identify the contributing causes then adjusting primarily the diet enables the body to self correct.

  16. Dear Rebecca,

    As the upper and lower lip are ostensibly representative of digestion. Therefore would yellowish pigmentation also indicate an augmentation of diet is required?

    Would you ebook list potential solutions for a yellow mouth as opposed to pink, green or grey?

    Warm Regards,


    • Good questions. Correct, yellowish pigmentation suggest an imbalance with digestive organs. Yes, Read Your Face addresses this in terms of 5 Element Medicine. I’m happy to help you decode and devise a game plan in a face reading and diet consultation.

  17. For about 5 years, the sides of my 59-year old father’s lower lip have had red and white spots. It looks like a color disorder. He’s tried homeopathy but the color is still there. Is there a treatment for this?

    • Lips that are uniform in both color are one indicator of a healthy digestive system. Color irregularities indicate that his current diet is not suiting his needs. When he adjusts his diet accordingly, the color should return to a uniform pink (if he is caucasian).

  18. there is a whitish line at the bottom of my lower lip. It looks as if I used a whitish lip liner to outline it. Could you advise me on this. Thank you

    • Lips that are uniformly colored are one indicator of a healthy digestive system. I can help you with a personalized written report or you can find the information you need in my ebooks.

  19. Admin the skin around my lips a white and my upper lip seems to be swollen as mentioned in the picture but theres 1 more my lips seem to be very dry i dont understand why my lips are dry i’ve been using this things that moisturize my lips but i does’nt seem to help what should i do

  20. I woke up Saturday morning with a swollen top lip and swollen and red under my left eye.
    The swelling got worse and my lips feel like rubber, dry, and cracked.
    Now it’s Sunday night and the swelling is almost gone but my lips still feel weird and are very painful, and have had spots of purplish blue for a few hours.

    Not sure what to do. I’ve also had tightness in my chest and even though I’ve been breathing ok, I feel like I’m not getting enough oxygen.
    I will probably wait it out and call my doctor in the morning.

    • Digestive issues cause discoloration of the skin above your lip so it’s up to you to figure out how to modify your diet. If you wish help in the process, I list several ways to do so in this blog.

  21. For a while now my upper lip has orange smooth spots could this be digestive problems as well as dry lips?

  22. My 11 month old woke up this morning with a purple lip that’s been purple all day. Pediatrician said likely a bruise. Could this be acid reflux?

    • I don’t know. Let’s trust it is just a bruise. If it persists or if there are digestive issues, we can address this in a consultation.

  23. My lips are pink all the way around and it extends on my face. I am in sever pain due to this like they are on fire. I now how two blisters on the top middle. They are extremely inflame also. This began to happen off and on three years ago going through a divorce. This episode began on Sunday and has developed.

    • Sorry to hear of your discomfort. Here’s your opportunity to notice what foods you’re eating that exacerbate your condition. See the links on this blog for support in that process.

  24. My son is 9 months. He is on nutramigen & rice cereal only due to an airway defect. He has been turning green around mouth. Upper & lower lip. He is on prilosec and pepcid meds for his reflux. Would this be his diet or possibly the medications?

    • Amber…may your son’s health issues quickly and fully resolve. Perhaps the greenish color indicates he’s sensitive to the rice and/or an ingredient in the formula which contains some common allergens.

      I do hope that you can find a health care practitioner who can help you identify what he will thrive on. Best of luck.

  25. Sometimes, i notice that my lips are turning orange. I don’t know why or how they’re turning orange. I don’t smoke or inhale anything but I think it might be from dehydration. Can it be?

  26. I have white skin around my mouth which is much lighter than the rest of my face. Please help.

  27. Hi , So my problem is making me very uncomfortable and self conscious. The skin above my upper lip is of a white colour, lighter than the rest of my face. I try to cover it by making it darker using bronzer but then it gets an orange tint and the bronzer fades away during the day and it shows. Ive always tried to google what this is but it’s usually darkness that people have in that area , not white colour. Please help, thanks

    • Sara…yes, I can imagine that you’re feeling self-conscious. As I spell out in the materials quoted in this blog, it is diet related and so you have the power to “erase” that white color. You can do it.

  28. Hello. I need some help! MI have noticed recently that the skin above my lip (mustache area) is lighter t h an the rest of my face. I have not changed any of my eating habits or products that I use on my face. Can you please help me find out why only this area of my face is lighter. I am getting very frustrated with this and do not want to leave the house.

  29. Hello. I have greenish skin all around my mouth. According to you, it means I eat some kind of foods that I am not assimilating to, yes? I want to make clear is it the same as food intolerance? I have already bought your book Read Your Face, by the way.

    • Yes. Whether it’s a food intolerance, an allergy or a sensitivity, I’m not sure. But given the color that you report, there’s obviously something that is in your diet (and/or environment) that is challenging your gut.

  30. hi am 19 yrs old girl, studying in clge, i hav a black colour in both upper n lower part of my lips, i need a correct solution for it..

  31. I could use your help. I read a thread hear that talked about a red line developing above the lip that lasts for 2 days. I seem to have the same problem. Today i had broccoli and cheese soup and a huge red smudge developed immediately. Please hemp me.

    • Actually, Greg, I’ve given you the tools to resolve what appears to be a food sensitivity. Do an elimination diet and you’ll identify the problematic ingredients. Go for it!

  32. My 7.5 months old baby has a dark ring around her upper lip. It looks like a mustache. It was always there but now it’s gotten darker. What should I do?

    • Pay attention to see if anything in her (or, if you’re breast feeding, your) diet makes it darken. I could help you in that process, if you wish, in a Consultation.

    • You’ve found the answer right here. Follow the links in this blog to determine how to regain your normal lip line.

      • Thank you so much, just to be sure this is not permanent and I will have a more defined lip line by eating balanced meals with fat and proteins right?

        • By eating a whole foods diet that’s easy to digest (no allergens) and nutritionally balanced, my clients regain normal lip definition. I trust this will be the same for you. Good luck.

  33. Hiya, i have dermetisis on my face which usually clears out but comes back when i stop using a steriod.. sometimes i notice my “moustache” area in the middle goes red… is that dangerous?

    • Perhaps it’s worth exploring what causes the dermatitis, then you’d have some options for long term health. For direction, refer to the resources I list in this blog.

  34. I am not sure if this is linked to digestion but my skin is very light..i got a slight tan on my face…around my mouth is a more of a lighter white skin tone about half a centimeter in width. and above that on my upper lip my skin is slightly yellowish and it stops at the corners of my mouth and by the sides nose around the nostril area. My cheeks by my nose are really red so the red contrasts with the yellow. The yellow is not too noticeable but its bothering me because I notice it. I thought it was liver problems but my liver is healthy. I’m not sure if this was a digestion issue (my digestion track seems to work fine) or if its an awkward tan. Any ideas?

  35. So I was looking at a picture I just took. I noticed that I have a perfect white outline around my entire mouth. I don’t have digestive issues. I don’t think. Could it be just from being in the sun? It looks funny. Like I put a nude color Lip liner. Would I be able to send a picture in?

    • That’s great that you don’t have digestive issues today. But with white showing around your mouth as you’ve described, continue with your current diet and they’ll manifest. Follow the directions in this blog for prevention.

  36. I am 28 years old and it been almost 10 years I am having lip discoloration. Some parts of my upper and lower lips have dark patches and some parts are pink inconsistently. Its look very odd and I am really having issues. My family says I am very introvert and I don,t like to meet people.

  37. I’m 14 years old and the sides of my top lip looks a little swollen. My lips were a pink color but now the top lip has also turned dark . On the bottom lip there’s a white patch in the middle. My lips also turn a purple-bluish color in the cold . Should I get this checked out ?? Thanks

    • I’m don’t know any MD who would pay attention to these symptoms. But here’s what you can do, adjust your diet and note how your lips change. I’ve the details in my book Clean and Free. In the meantime, make sure you’re wearing a warm coat when its cold. Or consider a consultation with me.

  38. Hey. I have an issue with my lips turning dark with black splotches and/or rashes on and/or around my mouth anytime I eat anything acidic or with acidic contents (lemon juice, raw acv, cranberry juice, etc). Tomatoes actually causes darkness, rash, and blisters. Around my mouth is black as well. I am African American (dark complexion) so I don’t have any of the colors you state above (just black discoloration on/and around my mouth). It goes away fairly quickly if I don’t consume anything acidic but that is very tough. Acidic foods are almost in everything. And it’s crazy because all of these things are suppose to be extremely healthy. I didn’t have a problem with any of these things (except tomatoes) until I went natural/organic and started to consume them daily. Do I have to avoid these foods forever? What is the possible cause and how can I resolve this issue?? Thanks

    • Sounds like the dark color is an important health indicator for you. Fine tune your diet to your needs and then you should be able to enjoy acidic foods in moderation. I can help with a consultation or see my book Clean and Free.

  39. I notice you mention a white-ish line around the top lip bt I seem to have a white swollen line around the sides of my bottom lip. It almost looks like my lip but with white colouring. I am intolerant to gluten and have been overindulging over christmas. Could this be a reaction to it? It feels almost itchy but I think this May be a phychosymatic reaction. Help

    • So the swelling and discoloration in your case is more colon related (rather than stomach related). Sounds like you’ve nailed the cause which I’m willing to bet is NOT psychosomatic.

  40. Hi
    my upper lip toward to lip line top it is bcomeing reddish and its becoming dry , plz tell me what should I apply .

    • Applying something is cosmetic; it won’t remove the cause. To identify and eliminate what’s causing the irritation, see the two books I recommend on this post.

  41. I have a greenish color around my upper and lower lip and it kind of looks like a mustache. I’m a girl and I wax my upper lip with a waxing cream yet the greenish color is still there. I don’t wax the bottom part by my chin et it still looks green. Also, right below my nose on the sides it’s this brownish color and it looks terrible. What can I do to permanently take that away?

    • This reflects that you’re diet is compromising your health. See my ebooks, Clean and Free and Read Your Face to regain normal skin color.

  42. The skin at the corners of my mouth has a small gray patch that is on the outside of my mouth only. What could be causing this. It isn’t painful. I have had perlene injections there for years. The patches have been there for about a year. I do have lots of stress and probably stomach problems. What kind of diet will help this? Or is there another issue I should research?
    Thanks so much,

    • What are the side effects of perlene? I don’t know. But the resources listed in this article will help you determine how to proceed in terms of diet.

  43. I have a problem the lower lip. Mine almost disappeared over the last several months. They were never thick just average, the right side has faded it is basically not there. I went from about 205 to 150 lbs 2 yrs ago, thru exercise. Walking starting running I cut out soda, dairy drink h20. 57 yrs old.I take anti depressants.

    • As per the resources listed in this blog, you can discern the cause and address the resolution with my book Read Your Face. Or consider a Facial Analysis and I’ll help you.

  44. my lips have been very chapped for the last year now. i have used steroids from doctors but once i stop the top of my upper lip turns red, they also feel swollen

    • Let’s look at what in your diet is causing this; then we can know how to resolve it. You can do so using my books or in a consultation with me.

  45. Hello, my upper lip border is fading…into my skin color what does this mean, I’m so scared because it looks as if eventually my whole lip could change. please help me

  46. I had normal lips but from past two months the lining of my upper lip vertically below the tip of nose is turning swollen and brighter and appearing not like lip skin…..Whats the reason for this…thanks in advance

    • You need to make dietary changes. As per this very article, I list my resources that will help you regain your digestive health.

    • It’s your body’s way of saying you need a diet that serves your health needs. My ebook Clean and Free gives you the answers or I’ll do so in a Diet Consultation.

  47. Amazing article. I have the white around my lips and you hit the nail on the head. I have a high intolerance to many foods, mostly citrus . Thank you

  48. Hi I have a pink colour above my top lip never had it before im wanting to know what it is I was diagnosed with ceoliac disease 6 months ago and now im gluten free I have a allergy to wheat, Has this anything to do with my ceoliac or is it something else.

    • Yes, pinkish skin (sometimes it can also be irritated or chapped) clearly indicates that your diet needs further adjustment; in your case, eliminating wheat is only a partial resolution. I can help you in a Consultation or you can do it yourself with my book Read Your Face.

  49. Hi, I’ve had whiter skin above my top lip for as long as I can remember and I hate it! It’s noticeably lighter than the rest of the face and I have to cover it with makeup and touch it up several times a day. Please help! I’m happy to send a photo if needed.

  50. I have this white line above my lip and lower lip ever since I had chapped lips I put Chapstick on and the chapped parts dissapeared but now there is this white line above and under my lips please help

    • The white line is giving you the important information that you’ve a food sensitivity. You need to identify–and then remove–the foods in your diet that are causing this malabsorption problem. You can do so in a Diet Consultation with me.

  51. Please help me. I have had eczema for a year on my face, arms and legs, and they recently cleared up except for that spot above my lips. When I move my lips (stretching it slightly) it feels tight and stings. Tiny cracks are opening and they don’t seem to heal. It’s an extreme disturbance. I don’t want to use steroids from the dermatologists anymore because everytime they disappear, then my skin only becomes thinner again and the issue recurs. What can I do?

    • Here’s what you can do. Figure out what the root cause of the eczema is and here’s a clue…diet is a principal factor. I can help you discern the cause in a diet consultation; or you could find the information in my ebooks, Read Your Face and/or Clean and Free.

  52. Hi,
    My father is 70 yrs. old and had his gall bladder removed approximatley 3 years ago. In the past 2 months I have noticed that he is developing a greenish-yellowish coloring on the side of his face. What could this indicate? He has also been having abodominal pain on his lower left side. In advance thank you for your response, I really appreciate it.

    • That indicates your diet isn’t serving you. You’ll find the support you need in my books, online articles or in a consultation.

  53. Hi,

    I recently noticed I have a brownish color above my lip and under my eyes. I have been eating very clean. I have doing the whole30 dietary program which is a paleo type diet but no sugar at all–not even natural–except fruit. I have been eating more meat because of this. I’ve also come off an anidepressant and am doing a yeast cleanse. What do you think is the cause of this and how can I correct it Thanks!

    • I trust you’ll understand that I can’t possibly give a sound answer with so little information. If you wish a consultation then we’ll have the time and tools to discern not only the cause of the discoloration but also the remedy.

  54. Hi , last April my lips started to get inflammed, was severely dry andskin would come off. It was tingly too, I switched my toothpaste and my lips were better since then. But my skin around my mouth has turned white and is very noticeable , I have to keep it hydrated all the time otherwise it gets dry too. Please help.

    • I couldn’t possibly know the cause unless we did a consultation; and I’m available to do so.

      Or you could purchase my books, Read Your Face and Clean and Free, and resolve the problem on your own.

  55. I have had the top of my lip waxed but it has gone yellow can you please help me with information on this please

    • If your yellow skin has anything to do with having been waxed, then I’m not sure. Otherwise, it’s not a pat answer but rather requires assessing the cause. You can do so with my book, Read Your Face, where you’ll find photos and information about facial skin color and how to adjust your diet to bring good results. Or you could contact me directly for a Face Reading consultation.

  56. Every time I have soup just above my top lip gets red and lasts for two days. Any idea what ingredient causes this?

    • What ingredient in the soup are you reacting to? Figure that out and avoid that ingredient. If you need help, I’m available for consultations.

  57. Hello

    I have the red and white slight swelling around my lips recently. For the last year any lipstick has inflamed my lips and they calm down if I avoid it. But I feel it isn’t just lipstick that is the issue as they are irritable to spicy foods as well and sometimes salt/citrus.

    I would dearly like to wear lipstick again. Yet I don’t understand why this has flared up as I’ve worn it for over 20 years.

    I had a severe vitamin d deficiency which has been treated for a year now and is 32 in the normal range. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • You’re right…lipstick is not the issue and I’d need more info to give a relevant answer. YOu can figure out how to resolve this with my book, Read Your Face or in a Consultation with me.

  58. Hi. My upper lip and around my eyes (eye lids go yellow at the same time. It usually doesn’t last but I’ve noticed it occurring in 2 separate incidences this year. It’s really noticeable in photos which can lead to embarrassment. I’ve even been taking Liver Detox vitamins to no avail. Please help!
    Also I have been suffering constipation for several months prior to this episode of what looks like jaundice.

    • Good observing! And isn’t it fascinating how our colors can change. One symptom is not enough for a full diagnosis. I’d be delighted to do a consultation with you or my ebook, Read Your FAce will walk you through self diagnosis. In either case, you’ll gain your Rx.

  59. Hi, I came across this website, and might help me solve my condition.
    My upper lip in the last 5 years or so have gone from a healthy red colour to gradually becoming more and more skin colour. It faintly started from inside the lip and is growing outwards. No one knows what it is, wondering if its diet related ? I have a pic i could send. Any help would be very much apprciated ! Thanks

    • Stop challenging your gut with foods you’re not assimilating well. I could tell you what they are specifically in a Diet Consultation where I see your diet log and Intake forms. Or you can figure it out on your own.

  60. Rebecca,
    What if the area in question is brown or purple (which is almost always the case in darker skinned women)?
    Thanks for the information. I have been scouring books & blogs for years to no avail.

    • I’d need to see your photo to respond. Is it more brown/purple than the rest of the face? If so, this is a digestion indicator. But again, it’s one clue and hard to judge a face by one clue only.

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